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Found 37 results

  1. Need help to fix this error [Error]: script_rid2sd: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: __setr (2 parameters): [Debug]: Data: variable name='.Bound_Mode' index=0 [Debug]: Data: variable name='Bound_Account' index=0 [Debug]: Source (NPC): LOGIN (invisible/not on a map) [Warning]: script_get_val: cannot access player variable 'Bound_Account', defaulting to 0 This is the full script //===== EinherjarRO Scripts ================================== //= Daily Rewards //===== By: ================================================== //= Stolao //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.8D //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena SVN //===== Description: ========================================= //= A reward system for players who play more frequently //===== Todo: ================================================ //= Maybe make .MinWait an array mins,days,weeks,months,years; //= Make Logging out then it continue count //= Seperate Timer from script for optional go collect reward //= Remove use of sleep2 //= Suggestions? //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= For Older See Old Versions //= 1.7C Added custom item binding mode [Secretdataz] //= 1.7D Added cutin for next day option + command //= 1.7E Added IP Check //= 1.7F Moved .Rest Message to after .MinWait Check //= 1.80 Added MacAddress check for those using Gepard Shield (disabled by default) //= 1.81 Fixed Typo in .MacCheck //= 1.82 Moved .Rest Check before rewards check to prevent bug //= 1.83 Added strnpcinfo(3) for bindatcomands //= 1.84 Rephrased some conf settings //= 1.85 Fixed Capilazation //= 1.86 Small Tabulation Tweaks //= 1.87 Noted Changes to Reward Farmatting //= 1.88 Added 'fixreward' Command for those who get negative wait times ( not sure of issues still) //= 1.89 Changed soeme Messaging Formatting //= 1.8A Made Fix Command GM 99 Only, to use on others do '#fixreward' //= 1.8B Added Overwieght Collection //= 1.8C Added 'collectreward', 'collectdaily' and 'dailyreward' commands //= 1.8D Fix MacAddress and IP Check [sader1992] //===== Contact Info: ======================================== //= [Stolao] //= Email: [email protected] //============================================================ - script LOGIN FAKE_NPC,{ OnWhisperGlobal: OnLoginCmnd: OnPCLoginEvent: .@t = (gettime(7) * 365 * 24 * 60) + (gettime(8) * 24 * 60) + (gettime(3) * 60) + gettime(2) - .Rest; if(.IPCheck){ query_sql("SELECT account_id FROM `login` WHERE last_ip = '"+getcharip()+"'", .@AccountId); for(.@i=0;.@i<getarraysize(.@AccountId);.@i++){ query_sql("SELECT `value` FROM `acc_reg_num` WHERE `account_id` = '"+.@AccountId[.@i]+"' AND `key` = '#LastDailyReward'",.@LastIp2); if(.@t < (.@LastIp2 + .MinWait)){ message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: Rewards are limited to 1 per IP sorry."; end; } } } if(.MacCheck){ query_sql("SELECT last_unique_id FROM `login` WHERE account_id = "+getcharid(3)+"", .@last_unique_id$); query_sql("SELECT account_id FROM `login` WHERE last_unique_id = '"+.@last_unique_id$+"'", .@AccountId2); for(.@i=0;.@i<getarraysize(.@AccountId2);.@i++){ query_sql("SELECT `value` FROM `acc_reg_num` WHERE `account_id` = '"+.@AccountId2[.@i]+"' AND `key` = '#LastDailyReward'",.@MacCheck2); if(.@t < (.@MacCheck2 + .MinWait)){ message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: Rewards are limited to 1 per computer sorry."; end; } } } .@i = (gettime(7) * 365 * 24 * 60) + (gettime(8) * 24 * 60) + (gettime(3) * 60) + gettime(2); if(.@i >= (#LastDailyReward + .MinWait) && .Rest && !#DROverweight){ message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: To collect reward you must remain logged in for "+ .Rest +" minutes"; sleep2 1000 + .Rest * 60000; } if(.@i >= (#LastDailyReward + .MinWait)){ if(checkvending() & 2 && .Mode & 64){ message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: Venders cannot recive rewards."; end; } if(.@i < #LastDailyReward + .MaxWait) #DRewardCon += 1; else #DRewardCon = 1; if(#DRewardCon >= getarraysize(.Rewards$)){ if(.Reset) #DRewardCon = 1; else .@g = getarraysize(.Rewards$)-1; } else .@g = #DRewardCon; explode(.@XT$,.Rewards$[.@g],","); for(.@x = 0; .@x < getarraysize(.@XT$); .@x++) .@TT[.@x] = atoi(.@XT$[.@x]); if(.Mode & 1 && .@TT[4] > 0){ for(.@x = 4; .@x <= getarraysize(.@TT) - 1 ; .@x += 2){ .@itms[getarraysize(.@itms)] = .@TT[.@x]; .@qnts[getarraysize(.@qnts)] = .@TT[.@x + 1]; } if(checkweight2(.@itms,.@qnts)){ for(.@x = 0; .@x < getarraysize(.@itms) && .@x < getarraysize(.@qnts); .@x++){ if(.Mode & 32) getitembound .@itms[.@x], .@qnts[.@x], .Bound_Mode; else getitem .@itms[.@x], .@qnts[.@x]; } #DROverweight = 0; } else { message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: You can not carry the prizes, please use storage and type @relog."; if(#DRewardCon) #DRewardCon -= 1; #DROverweight = 1; end; } } if(.Mode & 16) cutin .Cutins$[#DRewardCon],4; if(.Mode & 2){ if(.@TT[0]){ Zeny += .@TT[0]; message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: Recieved "+ .@TT[0] +"z"; } if(.@TT[1]){ setd getd(.Points$[0]),getd(.Points$[0]) + .@TT[1]; message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: Recieved "+ .@TT[1] +" "+.Points$[1]; } } if(.Mode & 4 && (.@TT[3] || .@TT[4])) getexp .@TT[3], .@TT[4]; if(.Mode & 8){ for(.@x = 0; .@x < getarraysize(.BuffInfo); .@x += 4){ if(#DRewardCon % .BuffInfo[.@x + 1] == 0) sc_start .BuffInfo[.@x], .BuffInfo[.@x + 2] * 60000, .BuffInfo[.@x + 3]; } } message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: You have collected your daily reward, for "+callfunc("F_InsertPlural",#DRewardCon,"day")+" now."; #LastDailyReward = (gettime(7) * 365 * 24 * 60) + (gettime(8) * 24 * 60) + (gettime(3) * 60) + gettime(2) - .Rest; end; } OnNextCmnd: if(!.@i) .@i = (gettime(7) * 365 * 24 * 60) + (gettime(8) * 24 * 60) + (gettime(3) * 60) + gettime(2) - .Rest; if(#LastDailyReward + .MinWait - .@i < 0){ message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: Your rewards should be available."; } else { .@days = (#LastDailyReward + .MinWait - .@i) / 60 / 24; .@hours = ((#LastDailyReward + .MinWait - .@i) / 60) % 24; .@mins = (#LastDailyReward + .MinWait - .@i) % 60; message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: You have "+ ((.@days) ? .@days +" Days " : "") + ((.@hours) ? .@hours +" Hours " : "") + ((.@mins) ? .@mins +" Minutes " : "") +"till your next reward."; if(.Mode & 128){ if(#DRewardCon + 1 >= getarraysize(.Rewards$)){ if(.Reset) .@DRewardCon = 1; else .@g = getarraysize(.Rewards$)-1; } else .@g = #DRewardCon + 1; cutin .Cutins$[.@g],4; } } end; OnFixCmnd: #LastDailyReward = (gettime(7) * 365 * 24 * 60) + (gettime(8) * 24 * 60) + (gettime(3) * 60) + gettime(2); message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: Next reward has be forcively reset."; .@days = .MinWait / 60 / 24; .@hours = .MinWait / 60 % 24; .@mins = .MinWait % 60; message strcharinfo(0),"[Daily Rewards]: You have "+ ((.@days) ? .@days +" Days " : "") + ((.@hours) ? .@hours +" Hours " : "") + ((.@mins) ? .@mins +" Minutes " : "") +"till your next reward."; end; OnInit: // Basic Settings // 1: Item | 2: Points | 4: Exp // 8: Gain Buffs Every X Consecutive Days logged in // 16: Show Cutins | 32: Bound Items // 64: No Rewards ffor Autotraders // 128: Show Next Day Cutin // (a bit value, e.g. 3 = Items & Points from Multi) .Mode = 1|2|4|8|16|64; // Which if IP limit Enabled or not // 0 = Disable | 1 = Enable .IPCheck = 1; // Which if (Mac Address) limit Enabled or not [You would need External application like Gepard Shield for that] // 0 = Disable | 1 = Enable .MacCheck = 0; // Item Binding Mode // Bound_Account : Account Bound item // Bound_Guild : Guild Bound item // Bound_Party : Party Bound item // Bound_Char : Character Bound item .Bound_Mode = Bound_Account; // To disable the command '@loginreward' comment the next lines // * Needs extra commands for typos bindatcmd("relog",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnLoginCmnd",0,99); bindatcmd("collectreward",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnLoginCmnd",0,99); bindatcmd("dailyreward",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnLoginCmnd",0,99); bindatcmd("collectdaily",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnLoginCmnd",0,99); bindatcmd("nextreward",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnNextCmnd",0,99); // GM Command to fix the negative time till reward issue // #fixreward <playername> // * Needs extra commands for typos bindatcmd("fixreward",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnFixCmnd",99,99); // Minimum minutes between collecting daily reward // Day: 22*60 - 24*60 // Week: 10080 .MinWait = 1320; // Minutes before losing the consecutive reward // Day: 48*60 - 50*60 // Week: 20160 .MaxWait = 3000; // What to do upon reaching last day defined // [0] Repeat last day // [1] Restart at 1 .Reset = 1; // Number of mins after logging before collecting prize .Rest = 0; // Point Type // [0] Points earned // [1] Point name in mes setarray .Points$,"#KAFRAPOINTS","K-Points"; // Consecutive Days Buff // Each buff contains 4 variables (32 Total Max) // <Type>,<Days>,<Duration>,<Rate>, // Buff 1 // <Type>,<Days>,<Duration>,<Rate>, // Buff 2 // ...; // // Example: 188,7,45,3 // -Every 7th consecutive day logged in Player gains +3 Str for 45 mins // // Type is 188, which references which SC_ to use, SC_INCSTR in this example // -For a full list of SC_ visit the db/const.txt // Days is days buff is applied, in this example 7, so every 7th day, 14,21,28.... // Duration is buff duration is Minuits, in this example 45 mins // Rate is buff strength, in this example player gains 3 Str setarray .BuffInfo ,260,2,360,1 // Life Insurance for 360 Mins Every 2nd Day ,198,3,120,10 // +10% Hp for 120 Mins Every 3th Day ,196,5,120,25 // +25 Flee for 120 Mins Every 5th Day ,257,7,240,50; // +50% Exp for 240 Mins Every 7th Day // Daily Prize items (max 128 days): // "<Zeny>,<Points>,<BaseExp>,<JobExp>,<itemID-1>,<amount-1>,<itemID-2>,<amount-2>...etc", // Day 1 // "<Zeny>,<Points>,<BaseExp>,<JobExp>,<itemID-1>,<amount-1>,<itemID-2>,<amount-2>...etc" // Day 2 // ...; // Total length of any days string must be 255 or shorter // * If players login longer than the last set // day, they will keep getting the last prize. setarray .Rewards$[1], "0,0,0,0,503,5,506,5", // Day 1: 5 White Potion + 5 Green Potion "100", // Day 2: 100 Zeny "0,0,0,0,501,5", // Day 3: 5 Red Potion "0,0,0,0,503,5,506,5", // Day 4: 5 White Potion + 5 Green Potion "100", // Day 5: 100 Zeny "0,0,0,0,501,5", // Day 6: 5 Red Potion "1000", // Day 7: 100 Zeny "1000", // Day 8: 100 Zeny "0,0,0,0,503,5,506,5"; // Day 9: 5 White Potion + 5 Green Potion // Cutin Array // Shows a cuting for each date // setarray .Cutins$[1], "kafra_01", "kafra_02", "kafra_03", "kafra_04", "kafra_05", "kafra_06", "kafra_07", "kafra_08", "kafra_09"; end; }
  2. Hello, I am using Flux CP latest from Hercules. But somehow when i try to use some option like adding items to the item shop i get these error's. Sorry, no form session found (hack attempt ?) Any 1 can help me with this problem? Kind Regards Henry
  3. hi, i am new here.... i hope someone doesn't mind to help me fix this error.... first, i set my server to level 300, but when i start the server, this error occured statspoint.yml is ready, idk what's the problem... if you think that's all my problem, you are wrong ūüėÄ this is happening the server is ok, i can still logged in and make character, but everything is normal... hope someone give me a hand to fix this, thank you
  4. I keep getting this error when compile Visual Studio Project. I Already Checked the file and the file was not missing
  5. Hello, I'm currently trying to add a @pk plugin to my server. I'm following this guide to add plugins made for linux: http://herc.ws/wiki/Building_HPM_Plugin_for_gcc Let me run you through what I have done: 1st I went to my folder "Hercules/conf/" used nano to open plugins.conf and edited and added the following: plugins_list: [ /* Enable HPMHooking when plugins in use rely on Hooking */ "HPMHooking", //"db2sql", //"sample", //"other", "@pk", ] 2nd step was to go to "Hercules/src/plugins/" used nano to create @pk.c and add this code: https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/%40pk.c The only thing I modified from the @pk.c code was the delay timer: int config_delay = 5; // After turn pk on/off, how many seconds delay before the player allow to pk on/off ? I changed it to 60 seconds: int config_delay = 60; // After turn pk on/off, how many seconds delay before the player allow to pk on/off ? I'm not exactly sure if I should do any other modification apart from this one. Right after this I started the server and the moment it started this error appeared: [Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'HPMHooking' (0.2) built with HPMHooking support. [Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'HPMHooking' (0.2) built with HPMHooking support. [Fatal Error]: HPM:plugin_load: failed to load 'plugins/@pk.so' (error: plugins/@pk.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)! [Fatal Error]: HPM:plugin_load: failed to load 'plugins/@pk.so' (error: plugins/@pk.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)! [Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'HPMHooking' (0.2) built with HPMHooking support. [Fatal Error]: HPM:plugin_load: failed to load 'plugins/@pk.so' (error: plugins/@pk.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)! So from what I understood from the fatal error message it says it can not find the "plugins/@pk.so" because theres not such file or directory. So I procceded to create that file in the directory (Hercules/src/plugins/) I used nano to create "@pk.so" add added the code again https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/%40pk.c Set the delay timer to 60 and nothing else. So now, my "Hercules/src/plugins/" folder is like this /Hercules/src/plugins# ls constdb2doc.c HPMHooking Makefile.in sample.c db2sql.c HPMHooking.c mapcache.c script_mapquit.c dbghelpplug.c HPMHooking.h @pk.c generate-translations.c Makefile @pk.so I proceeded to start the server again, to see what error message would show now this came showed up: [Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'HPMHooking' (0.2) built with HPMHooking support. [Fatal Error]: HPM:plugin_load: failed to load 'plugins/@pk.so' (error: plugins/@pk.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)! [Fatal Error]: HPM:plugin_load: failed to load 'plugins/@pk.so' (error: plugins/@pk.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)! [Info]: Server uses 'select' as event dispatcher [Info]: Server supports up to '1024' concurrent connections. [Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'HPMHooking' (0.2) built with HPMHooking support. [Fatal Error]: HPM:plugin_load: failed to load 'plugins/@pk.so' (error: plugins/@pk.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)! It still says that there is not such file or directory. I'm out of ideas so I ask for help. Thank you for your time.
  6. Good day guys! Just downloaded the latest newbie pack. I'm having issues in izlude. I can't walk in certain areas, there's like invisible barricades. Newbie here. Every help is appreciated.
  7. Been trying to make my own server work, however after tweaking it a bit, I now can't log-in due to these errors Would appreciate help so that I could play this wonderful game already Thanks in advanced
  8. Hello all, I am running a LAN Private Server for my wife & I to play on a Raspberry Pi 3b+. I wanted to install a new script, YProject, which contains new maps. The steps I took, so I am not sure if I am missing anything: The NPC doesn't auto load, but I am sure this is because I do not have it set to start up, which I am sure I can figure out. However, when I load it and try to use the NPC to warp to the special maps that the person designed, I get the following & the client hangs: I appreciate any help! Thank you
  9. Im using client 20180307, with translation of https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation I can login and i see almost everything ok except ... i cant see items, any item, i even try with normal knife weird thing i dont have problems with monstersbut when i launch my client i get 3 errors (attached) Can anyone guide me to fix this? Thanks When i doubleclick the eexe i get this 3 errors Then i can login normally but... (bunny is thee null.bmp) if i create a knife... i get with no description, or image, i get the null img
  10. Hi Guys, So i've been trying to install fluxcp on my local host . i've xampp ready and all but when ever i try to enter fluxcp folder i get redirected to localhost/dashboard i've been trying to fix it for a while now . My cp location is : C:\xampp\htdocs\flux when i type localhost/flux in my URL bar it redirects me to localhost/dashboard Kindly help me out Regards, Atomik.
  11. Primeiramente, desculpas se abri o tópico no lugar errado. Alguém pode me ajudar com esse erro? Ao fazer login, aparece a tela pra escolher qual servidor, e quando "entra" aparece "Recusado pelo servidor." e o seguinte erro no "login-server". AQUI. A versão do meu hexed: 2015-11-04 E estou usando a ultima versão do Hercules. mmo.h Agradeço a todos.
  12. Hello, I have an error (since i update hercule, before all works fine) script:add_word: invalid word. A word consists of undercores and/or alphanumeric characters, and valid variable prefixes/postfixes. * 65: if (query_sql("SELECT login.account_id FROM login LEFT JOIN `char` ON login.account_id=`char`.account_id WHERE login.last_ip=(SELECT last_ip FROM login WHERE account_id="+getcharid(3)+") AND `char`.online=1", .@account_id) > 1) I don't understand what's wrong, can you help me ? Thx a lot ! Oups please move to script support... so sorry. miss clic.
  13. I have got error in navigation,I can use search to search the name of npc,monster but when I click the result that display in the navigation windows my client got hang How can I fix this problem. My exe date is 20130814
  14. [SQL]: DB error - Duplicate entry '4700' for key 'PRIMARY' [Debug]: at c:\users\frt54ree4\desktop\ro\hercules\src\map\log.c:396 - INSERT DELAYED INTO `chatlog` (`time`, `type`, `type_id`, `src_charid`, `src_accountid`, `src_map`, `src_map_x`, `src_map_y`, `dst_charname`, `message`) VALUES (NOW(), 'O', '0', '150011', '2000003', 'invek', '151', '158', ?, ?) i recently update my folder then suddenly i got errors like this, does anyone encountered this type of problems too? It shows up every time i kill monsters.
  15. Hello Hercules Board, today I was testing an Item,which uses the "Changebase" command to change the looks of the Character to the Xmas Class. But I got a few Sprite Errors when doing so. After taking of the weapon and then putting on the Item which has the "Changebase" command I didn't get that error anymore. Now my Question is,how can I find out which sprites are missing,so I could fix this problem? Here is a Screenshot of the Error: Thank you in advance!
  16. hello i get the problem here about mapflag/restricted.txt //Endless Tower ================== 1@tower mapflag restricted 6 2@tower mapflag restricted 6 3@tower mapflag restricted 6 4@tower mapflag restricted 6 5@tower mapflag restricted 6 6@tower mapflag restricted 6 gld_dun01 mapflag restricted 7 gld_dun02 mapflag restricted 7 gld_dun03 mapflag restricted 7 gld_dun04 mapflag restricted 7 arug_dun01 mapflag restricted 7 schg_dun01 mapflag restricted 7 payg_cas04 mapflag restricted 7 prtg_cas05 mapflag restricted 7 payg_cas05 mapflag restricted 7 arug_cas04 mapflag restricted 7 and item_noequip.txt //KVM 1187,256 //Glorious Claymore 1281,256 //Glorious Bloody Roar 1282,256 //Glorious Jamadhar 1310,256 //Glorious Cleaver 1382,256 //Glorious Two Handed Axe 1426,256 //Glorious Spear 1486,256 //Glorious Lance 1546,256 //Glorious Morning Star 2394,256 //Glorius Suit 2549,256 //Glorius Muffler 2444,256 //Glorius Shoes 2772,256 //Glorius RIng 1826,256 //Glo Claw 1827,256 //Glo Fist 13042,256 //Krieger_Dagger1 13416,256 //Krieger_Onehand_Sword1 13417,256 //Krieger_Onehand_Sword2 13418,256 //Krieger_Onehand_Sword3 2002,256 //Krieger_Twohand_Staff1 1640,256 //Krieger_Onehand_Staff1 1641,256 //Krieger_Onehand_Staff2 13307,256 //Krieger_Huuma_Shuriken1 1927,256 //Krieger_Instrument1 1981,256 //Krieger_Whip1 1576,256 //Krieger_Book1 1577,256 //Krieger_Book2 13110,256 //Krieger_Pistol1 13176,256 //Krieger_Rifle1 13177,256 //Krieger_Gatling1 13178,256 //Krieger_Shotgun1 13179,256 //Krieger_Launcher1 2395,256 //Krieger_Suit2 2445,256 //Krieger_Shoes2 2773,256 //Krieger_Ring2 2396,256 //Krieger_Suit3 2446,256 //Krieger_Shoes3 2774,256 //Krieger_Ring3 why endless tower cannot use item KVM? how to endless tower can use item KVM and Map Restricted 7 can't use item KVM? thanks before master.. Happy Ragnarok
  17. JoyRo

    Show Mapusers

    Hello, i have a script that shows you how many players are online at a certain map. But i am getting a script_rid2sd fatal error player not attached. Can any 1 help me. Also when i click the npc it warps me to the area. //========= Event Area======== prontera,167,169,3 script Event Area 2_BULLETIN_BOARD,{ OnInit: OnTimer1000: delwaitingroom; waitingroom getmapusers("prontera")+" player"+( getmapusers("prontera") > 1 ? "s":"") +" in Event Area", 0; OnTouch: warp "prontera",99,121; end; }
  18. Bom dia, estou com um possível bug na skill de aprimoramento do ferreiro, quando eu utilizo a skill aparece que não tenho itens de criação e então fico impossibilitado até mesmo de equipar meus itens, quando na verdade nada disso deveria ocorrer e sim abrir uma janela para o refinamento de equipes, é como se outra skill tivesse sendo usada no lugar da skill de refinamento, estou no trabalho, por isso não tirei uma screen shot, mas se necessário eu farei. Gostaria apenas de alguma dica para a possível solução do problema, pois não tenho conhecimento de onde possa está acontecendo o erro, não acusa nada ! Grato desde já.
  19. What's up? I'm having a little problem when running @autotrade command (error follows in the image). This happens right after creating the store. If anyone can help me, I'll be very grateful.
  20. Error SQL query: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `charlog` ( `time` DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `char_msg` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'char select', `account_id` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `char_id` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `char_num` TINYINT(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `name` VARCHAR(23) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `str` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `agi` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `vit` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `INT` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `dex` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `luk` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `hair` TINYINT(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `hair_color` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' ) ENGINE=MyISAM MySQL said: #1067 - Invalid default value for 'time' If I change the value of time, I'm afraid it's gonna cause troubles with the clientside. Any thoughts?
  21. Hello .. Good evening. I'm trying to compile the emulator after some modifications to the battleground system , and I'm running into me with the errors below : I'm trying to implement an old system that used on another emulator ( eAthena ) . The map server is giving crash , perhaps because of these errors, or some warnings also appear during compilation. PS : I would like to delve into the study to the core of the emulator, the wiki would be the best place for this? Or is there another type of existing documentation ? Thank you very much in advance! Big hug to everyone.
  22. Heya - i've been trying to install Hercules to my Debian VPS (DigitalOcean) but i've yet to succeed. I'm quite new to Linux-world, but i have been able to set up the server, apache, mysql, php, mumble-server and wordpress (woohoo.. ) Got error in ./config at first, but it was related to mysql, which i fixed with apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev and apt-get install libssl-dev - i'm not sure which one actually fixed the problem.. but it worked. After that, i got error in compiler, which indicated that i missed C for compiling anything. After installing that, i managed to start the compile but it resulted in the error at hand. Here is the command shell log: I tried to google the shit out from that error but i could not find anything that would have helped me So i post it here, hoping that i can get this error solved and server up & running. ========================================================================================================= This problem was fixed with apt-get install libpcre3 libpcre3-dev and then ./configure make clean make sql No errors. Thanks to Ema for the help, on IRC, #Hercules@Rizon
  23. Hi everyone, I've been away from Ragnarok Online for a very long time, I have recently picked it up and I have started NPC Scripting again. I am working on a daily reward script that uses function and I am getting this error: invisible/not on a map error I have managed to re-produce the error with this test script: // Main Script- script L_Test -1,{ // When script starts OnInit: // Configuration set .npc$,"[ Test NPC ] : "; end; // When player logins into game OnPCLoginEvent: dispbottom(.npc$ + callfunc(L_SayHello, strcharinfo(0))); end; }function script L_SayHello { set .playerName$,getarg(0); return "Hello "+ .playerName$;} This script structure is identical to my real script. So when I start the server and login, I get the following error in map server: [Warning]: Unexpected type for argument 1. Expected string.[Debug]: Data: variable name='L_SayHello' index=0[Debug]: Function: callfunc[Debug]: Source (NPC): L_Test (invisible/not on a map)[Error]: script:callfunc: function not found! [0][Debug]: Source (NPC): L_Test (invisible/not on a map) Any idea what this error is about?
  24. today i got my vps plan from qhoster , anyway i did everything from installing to compiling but whenever i try to connect to mySQL i get this error , plus i am 100% sure about the username and the password : http://postimg.org/image/3xphrga5f/ anyone knows how to fix it? or why this is happening?
  25. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Este será o meu primeiro tópico, então se estiver na área errada, me desculpem! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Galera eu to fazendo um servidor com um amigo para ser um projeto nosso de férias, ele configura a parte "server" (pois ele manja mto mais que eu) e eu configuro a parte "client". Ocorreu tudo certo nestes procedimentos: -Redefinirmos o IP no cientinfo com o IP da conexão que ele criou. -E estabelecermos uma conexão via putty. Aí quando eu inicio o patch que eu fiz usando o nemomaster, ele abre normalmente e aparece o quadrado branco com o nome do servidor a ser selecionado (no caso, o nosso). Porém quando eu dou enter para prosseguir e ir para a janela de login e senha, o client fecha. Alguém sabe o motivo disso? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This will be my first topic, then if I'm in the wrong area, excuse me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys I'm doing a server with a friend to be a project of our vacation. He take care of the part "server" (because he knows much more than me) and I take care of the part "client". Was all right in these procedures: -We redefine the IP in cientinfo with the connecting IP that he created. -And then we stablished a connection via putty. Then when I start the client that I made using the nemomaster, it opens normally and appears the white square with the server name to select (in this case, our server's name). But when I press enter to continue and go to the login and password window, the client closes. Does anyone know the reason?
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