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  1. Hi, Annie. Can we use the window instance instead of using a centos8 instance? A reply is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. GRAND OPENING MARCH 7, 2022 ARE YOU TIRED OF THE SAME BORING QUESTING EXPERIENCE? DO YOU WANT SOMETHING UNIQUE AND EXCITING? THEN I HAVE JUST THE RIGHT RAGNAROK SERVER FOR YOU!!! ETERNAL RAGNAROK ONLINE Get a chance to experience the most exciting high-rate server you'll ever see in your lifetime. You can find our socials below for further updates and announcements! Website: eternal-ro.com Discord: https://discord.gg/8Ns9xu4Uny Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1017253488861918/ Server Information - Max Level: 255/120 - Max Stats: 255 - Max ASPD: 196 - High-Rate Server [10000/10000/Custom] - Frost Server - Transcendent Classes - Gepard 3.0 Coming Soon - Heavily Modified Server - Instant Job Changer - Ready to PVP but still a Farming Server - Zeny-Based Economy - Freebies NPC - Solo Player Package (Soon) - Guild Package (Soon) - Streamer Package (Soon) - Referral Package (Soon) Unique Features - UNIQUE QUESTING SYSTEM!!! - PvP Statues! Be RECOGNIZED as the Top 1 player of the server. (Includes Top 2 and Top 3) - 100+ custom items - 100+ costumes for cosmetics - Custom Weapon Sprites! - Gacha System - World Boss Invasion - Daily Hunting Missions - Daily Questboards - Lottery - Disguise Event NPC - Mushroom Event NPC - Punching Bags - Dead Branch & Bloody Branch Room - Gold Room - Coin Trader
  3. Baka po may instant job changer script kayo na pang hercules? Thank you po!
  4. Does anyone have a script for an instant job changer npc? I can't seem to find any script that is compatible with herc emulator.
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