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  1. Nekotine

    Warp dispel

    My idea was remove buffs specially in MVP maps where ppl like monks who like to abuse the saving grace that warps give forcing them to cast their skills "on the map" instead
  2. Nekotine

    Warp dispel

    and where do i add it?
  3. Nekotine

    Warp dispel

    Is there a way to add a script that fully dispel a player when entering a map warp? (regular warp, not npc warper or warp portal skill) Bless, agi up, berserk, fury... things like that ...or just remove buffs in general while entering some specific maps
  4. I see, after some tests apparently I got rid of that issue but now I see a new message
  5. Sorry I don't know if this should go to database or source section While messing around with the database trying to recover missing costumes I got this error on the map-server.bat If I understood this leads to pc.c where I don't really see anything helpful The item works, kinda, it shows in game (.spr and ,act) but I still need to work on the client side even if some already have descriptions and all Server side, it has nothing, no bonus whatsoever, it's just a costume with basic settings (ID, type, location, view...) What do that means and how do i fix that? hercules pre re
  6. I am very confused, I just downloaded a fresh version of the server and touched nothing. LINK=> When running it the announcement displays the rates: EXP 100%, Drop Rate100%, Death Penalty 1% But every time I change the rates, keeping the death penalty as it is the % lost still increases as the % earned increases For example, if i set the rates to 777 the death penalty goes up to 7.8 I don't think that was supposed to happen I don't have any other file with mixed settings or at least I haven't touched anything or can find anything So, how do I prevent it from change as I modify the rates?
  7. This was weird, not the first time I use this tutorial files but this time I bumped into issues: First, the servers cannot connect to the SQL From mysqld.log 2021-12-27 15:03:01 12 [Warning] Aborted connection 12 to db: 'herc_pre_db' user: 'ro_offline_user' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets) 2021-12-27 15:03:01 16 [Warning] Aborted connection 16 to db: 'herc_pre_log' user: 'ro_offline_user' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets) and that goes for all servers: Hercules pre/re, rAthena pre/re and 4Cram Second, I can't access the SQL since apparently the login/pass provided in the read me file doesn't match, as so I can check any of the tables Also I guess as files get updated things change so there's only 6 folders inside the file instead the 7 shown on the tutorial what is not biggy but could confuse some people. SOLUTION: Not sure why, what is really annoying if you ask me, but Laragon only runs from C drive. By keeping it separated from the rest of the files (that are located on another drive) it runs normally.
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