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  1. Do you have very old clients or emulators lying around? Maybe that old hard drive with RO stuff? How about those old CD-Rs on the shelf? Or are you simply a RO data hoarder? WE WANT YOU! Hi, I’m vit. I’m developing along with o oldinroplayer a *Ragnarok Online Cross-Episode Database*, called RagnaDB. It’s a db in which you’re able to choose a specific episode and we’ll show you all the info precisely as it was back in the day. The idea is for it to be the “one RO database to rule them all”. For this to exist, there’s a great deal of historical research and digital data scavenging involved. Since we’re committed to historical accuracy, we’re on a journey to finding old files (client and server) to feed the db with, as well as (old) reliable sources for data validation. If you were waiting for the right moment to shine and looking for a group of people who will truly appreciate and see value in those dozens of RO gigabytes collecting dust like no one ever had, this is the moment! We’ll love to have you! If any of the words above piqued your interest, you’re more than welcome here. Join our Discord to hear about the latest updates or just hang around! Our Discord: https://discord.gg/cueAdED64N RagnaDB: https://ragnadb.com/
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