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  1. Hi, can somebody help me with this error? Background: I tried re-adding the rare drop announce feature from here https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/b767de877460a7fb55c4c8a6bd8e21bcbe079b07. Edit: Added this line and compiled with no errors but feature does not work. What am I missing?
  2. Even rAthena will take months to get the official behavior and formulas.
  3. here is the fix I came up to. link and I suggest you replace your msgstringtable.txt with it. The one you are using is kinda missing some things.
  4. The diff is only for the chat color not the player color. I dont know if changing player name to variety of color is possible.
  5. msgstringtable.txt Line 246: Arrow has been equipped.# you can change it to: Ammunition has been equipped.# I use the same client and my client does not crash, it gives a gibberish txt for bubble gum thou. Check it here, I can't find the location myself so if you can do that that'll be great msgstringtable.txt
  6. You can also use Loki Launcher.
  7. Just use English for setting this up. This is just a server setting, so even if you are using a different language for your server, this wont affect you. Take it like, the name of your items can be anything, but when it comes to scripting and configuration, English should be used.
  8. I think this should be added to the project. files: message window texture - from alex's data folder bank texture - from themon
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