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  1. There is no way to prove that these screenshots are real. Nor there is a way to check if you are or are not related to the thief that stole my code. But there is a way to see what you publically sell on your website: this is stolen and modified AndRO, not the original one. Being a partner with a thief makes you a thief too. So I just want server owners to be aware that when they are dealing with you, you can possibly steal and re-sell their work as well, telling that you only "partner with the seller", so there's no problem, right?
  2. Hello. Some of you know me as a creator of AndRO app. Recently (actually not so recently) some guys calling themselves Skyzone have decompiled my application and started to re-sell it to server owners without my permission. According to server owners, Skyzone Hosting is telling them that what they do is totally legal and permitted by me. It is not. I have contacted Skyzone Hosting and gave a proposal of "30% royalty with a read-only control on payment operations" but they rejected. Hereby I inform that Skyzone Hosting are cheaters and scammers. Servers that bought a cracked AndRO from Skyzone are sponsoring cheaters and scammers and I strongly recommend them to stop doing this and buy a license for the non-cracked app instead: http://roworkshop.com/andro
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