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  1. // The rate of time it takes to cast a spell (Note 2, 0 = No casting time) casting_rate: 100 // Delay time after casting (Note 2) delay_rate: 0 // Does the delay time depend on the caster's DEX and/or AGI? (Note 1) // Note: On Official servers, neither Dex nor Agi affect delay time delay_dependon_dex: no delay_dependon_agi: yes // Minimum allowed delay for ANY skills after casting (in milliseconds) (Note 1) // Note: Setting this to anything above 0 can stop speedhacks. min_skill_delay_limit: 10 // This delay is the min 'can't walk delay' of all skills. // NOTE: Do not set this too low, if a character starts moving too soon after // doing a skill, the client will not update this, and the player/mob will // appear to "teleport" afterwards. default_walk_delay: 80
  2. Can i ask what is the purpose of this script just card menu or quest for something? @astralprojection@astralprojectio
  3. pm @Emistry author of that script
  4. https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE/blob/master/Ragnarok/data/luafiles514/lua files/transparentItem/transparentItem.lub
  5. ohh i see i hope in the feature someone make this script
  6. Hello @AnnieRuru can you add more option for KoE System like Top 10 and Top 3 players Reward 1. Most Valuable Player = Player earn point every kill during KoE Most Valuable Guild = Guild will earn 1 point for every 5 kills from guild members Most Valuable Breaker = Every Break the Emp 1 point will be reset once KoE is Over all players can see Current Record Past KoE Ranking 2. Once KoE is Over Secret Room only Guild Master can access respawn 5 Treasure Box and next respawn another KoE again
  7. @AnnieRuru can please convert the code on hercules im using 2018-06-21 pre-re setting
  8. sad i'm using now EXE version: 2018-06-21 but problem code not fit on hercules
  9. hello again i try to convert on rathena but the kill ranking is not working https://pastebin.com/bZyjxMEN
  10. i will change higher client support of hercules
  11. pre-re server EXE version : 20131223
  12. on this link : https://rathena.org/board/topic/119177-src-code-old-asura-spam/#comment-361337 code is from eathena and i'm using rathena as you can see on my video but sometimes there a knockback maybe client version but on hercules slide is gone should be like this
  13. case MO_EXTREMITYFIST: { //short x, y, i = 2; // Move 2 cells for Issen(from target) struct block_list *mbl = bl; short dir = 0; skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,flag); if( skill_id == MO_EXTREMITYFIST ) { mbl = src; status_set_sp(src, 0, 0); status_change_end(src, SC_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS, INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(src, SC_BLADESTOP, INVALID_TIMER); #ifdef RENEWAL sc_start(src,src,SC_EXTREMITYFIST2,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); #endif }else status_set_hp(src, #ifdef RENEWAL max(status_get_max_hp(src)/100, 1) #else 1 #endif , 0); } //Client expects you to move to target regardless of distance { struct unit_data *ud = unit_bl2ud(src); short dx,dy; int i,speed; i = skill_id == MO_EXTREMITYFIST?1:2; //Move 2 cells for Issen, 1 for Asura dx = bl->x - src->x; dy = bl->y - src->y; if (dx < 0) dx-=i; else if (dx > 0) dx+=i; if (dy < 0) dy-=i; else if (dy > 0) dy+=i; if (!dx && !dy) dy++; if (map_getcell(src->m, src->x+dx, src->y+dy, CELL_CHKNOPASS)) { dx = bl->x; dy = bl->y; } else { dx = src->x + dx; dy = src->y + dy; } if(unit_walktoxy(src, dx, dy, 2) && ud) { //Increase can't walk delay to not alter your walk path ud->canmove_tick = tick; speed = status_get_speed(src); for (i = 0; i < ud->walkpath.path_len; i ++) { if(ud->walkpath.path[i]&1) ud->canmove_tick+=7*speed/5; else ud->canmove_tick+=speed; } } } break; can anyone convert this to latest hercules OLD style asura strike Please Move this Topic to SRC Support Section
  14. ranking base on how many gold you get not kill.. do you have another version for Killed Ranking?
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