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  1. Good night, I installed the itemshop command removed from the last file that was updated in your post, but when I go to make an item purchase it is using zeny instead of using the item I defined. Would it be possible to take a look to see if there is anything that is necessary for this not to happen in the newer versions of Hercules? Grateful.

    1. Dastgir


      Use trader npc, it's already in Hercules and better than itemshop

    2. Cainho


      Okay thank you.

      I'll take a look at the documentation to see how it works.

  2. I need to modify the Reject Sword and Reflect Shield skills so that when being attacked by a monster and take damage greater than max_hp the player should only reflect the max_hp if the damage is less it will reflect the damage to take the monster. I tried this change, but she error and closes the map-server. src/map/battle.c NORMALIZE_RDAMAGE((damage * sc->data[SC_REFLECTSHIELD]->val2 / 100) > sd->status.max_hp ) ? sd->status.max_hp : (damage * sc->data[SC_REFLECTSHIELD]->val2 / 100); if (rdamage < 1) rdamage = 1; Note: Sorry for my English by, but I started the lessons shortly.
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