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  1. if you want to add the slot on the item description you should add it on ROfolder/system/iteminfo.lua which is stated of sir X-ecutionner on how, if you want to read inside your grf. follow the guide the last post from X-ecutionner on how to add item from the old ways. then instead making the itemslot slotCount: 1; use DESCS.SlotCount, so the client will read the the data from your grf. two ways actually either you add your item description in iteminfo. or make a itemslotinfo.txt inside your grf. sorry for my bad english.! please enlighten me if im wrong base on my understanding.
  2. WOW Thanks @X-Ecuti0nner you nailed it ! trust me its been ages before it fix but now really fix !!! i just remove the one you mentioned!
  3. still the same this is a recommended from nemo. I cant still resize thru setup. either setup.exe with the blue ghost logo or the opensetup.exe anyone can help me. btw im using the client data from 2018 client. from here and i change the exe from 2018 to 2014. is it the lua files that im using is incorrect? if yes can anyone send me the correct lua for 2014-04-16aRagexe.
  4. you mean the nemo patches?. can u tell me sir what should i remove? ah ok. you mean the nemo patches i just follow the success as per the documentation from nemo anyway ill try the recommended one. ill get back here. thanks.
  5. what patches can you be more specific sorry i am new.
  6. what do i mean how to add the custom item since i already follow the instruction on how to add but it seems nothing happen. does anyone already here added the custom just by converting it to DB item ?
  7. i tried everything convert my ItemInfo.lua to HatTable.js and i add them to RObrowser\src\DB\Items and also with the accessoryid.lub and accname.lub convert it to ItemTable. still no luck. but if i using my client. i can saw them. i dont know how to fix it. i just check the DBManager.js and i think this line causes. it automatic to unknown item.. can anyone help me ? i hope @KeyWorld still there. i know robrowser already closed project.
  8. heres my confifuration of data.ini i only have 5 grf included the data and rdata. i also seperate the resources still no luck the i cant still resize unlike if i use 2018 exe its work perfectly. HERES the 2018 exe i can perfectly resize and working.
  9. yes i already tried opensetup. still the same. but when i use 2018 exe its perfectly working.
  10. anyone can help me regarding my exe i cant resize when i open it it force to popup on up left side of my screen. im using 2014-04-16aRagexe i downloaded it from nemo repository. i was able to login, as you can see it direct to upper left with the lowest resolution. why i didnt use newly exe. like 2018 etc. is because i already setup the robrowser which is 2014-04-16a are the most compatible. so if i use it the latest. i have to compile it, which is the robrowser is only using 2014. or does anyone can teach me how to add the newly packet in robrowser.? BTW heres my setup.exe
  11. PTP admin This script credit to owner. can you help me to add scrip send zeny to account per account basis., and also instead whispering script make a NPC so anyone can avail. then the requirements to use the NPC is @cash points. silver account = 1.5M gold account = 3M premium acccount = 5M !issue whos character will receive the zeny. i think the best option here is to send thru thier bank system in account_data -> bank_vault . then if they renew the amount will just add the zeny to the bank also. vip.txt
  12. PTP admin. help me guys the script is not properly working i already change the sql table name from select to level to the group_id where stands group ID level. because this script came from rathena which is not compatible for hercules database. anyway my problem when i set the premium account the group ID value wont change but the others table is excuted. just the group ID is not affected by the script. vip.txt else // If the account is not already a VIP Silver one, add a new entry. { mes "Account ID: "+.@accountId+"."; sleep2 rand(100,850); query_sql("INSERT INTO vip_silver (`account_id`,`account_name`,`start_date`,`end_date`,`status`) VALUES ("+.@accountId+",'"+.@accountName$+"','"+gettimestr("%Y-%m-%d",21)+"','"+gettimestr("%Y-%m-%d",21)+"','ACTIVE');"); sleep2 100; query_sql("UPDATE vip_silver SET end_date = DATE_ADD(start_date, INTERVAL "+.@silverDays+" DAY) WHERE account_id = "+.@accountId+";"); query_sql("UPDATE `login` SET `group_id` = "+$VIPs_SilverAccLevel+" WHERE `account_id` = "+.@accountId+";"); query_sql("UPDATE login SET `account_type` = 'SILVER' WHERE account_id = "+.@accountId+";"); mes "Account "+.@accountId+" added"; mes "successfuly!"; close; } } close; case 2: // Delete set .@getSilverList_1$,query_sql("SELECT account_name FROM vip_silver LIMIT 0,127;", .@silverList_1$); // query_sql can only display the first 128 lines of a table. This is so sad if ( getarraysize(.@silverList_1$) == 0 ) { mes "There are currently no VIP"; mes "Silver accounts."; close; } else
  13. ill try thanks If ever , the one i mentioned the script i currently using is it possible to add or not ? or do i have to change the whole script ? thanks for the reply in advance.
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