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  1. Guys I have a 2018 hercules where I didn't make a clone and now I want to update, in this emulator there are thousands of changes and not all I left saved in diff, how can I update without losing anything?
  2. Can anyone introduce a guide on how to configure the shell to start again some of the services of hercules after a crash? Using Crontab or another system? I am grateful. PS: If possible inside the screen
  3. @Dastgirknow how to fix it? I have the same problem, does not load my grf but the (grf.robrowser) loads normal.
  4. Psyz

    Tips for roBrowser

    yes i know, more using the robrowser, as i said, it can be used on all platforms because it is used by a browser andro not.
  5. And folks, I'm trying to configure roBrowser, so I set everything up as the guide plus my screen goes black, when I debug it he says he is not identifying the data.grf, but through the remote robrowser client he opens it. If anyone wants to help me, I am grateful, because I am wanting to use it here in Brazil, the two mobile services today for sale are extremely expensive 400 ~ 500 dollars, converting it into my 3000 currency. If someone knows how to configure andro's clientinfo to accept gepard, it also helps! But I have a preference in roBrowser no matter how old it is yet UX is much better, and is suitable for all platforms.
  6. I tried already, I removed the SI, and SC, but still continues, I believe it is in some file on the moon, but I can not find anything.
  7. how to remove from visual effect of the character with kaite?
  8. Accept negotiation request while dead. the player can even accept, but the trading box does not open
  9. My BG stopped rewarding with badges, now it only counts the ranking points, I have looked at everything else in the same way. @Dastgir
  10. @4144 @AnnieRuru any predictions or how can we include manually?
  11. I am facing a small problem. These two skills are limited to 2 shots in a row. wanted to know how to remove this. ps: I use gepard, I also don't know if it's some kind of protection.
  12. Psyz

    Damage in Devotion

    But in this case it’s not about reflecting the damage, the more I’ll test
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