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  1. I have the same problem with Kong. Theres no Error. I also added the settings on battle.conf. I also restarted the server still the same. Any updates?
  2. Yes you can't PK if you are in PK off. Like you're just an audience watching them how they fight. And you cannot Attack Players and be hit by Players who is on PK On. You can still be able kill monsters and can be attack by monsters when PK is Off.
  3. Thank you so much! I will try this Edit: Found bug The Invulnerable to other players is not working when pk is off heres some screenshots. Player 1 on PK ON Player 2 on PK OFF
  4. Another thing about the @pk on/off is that you can only use that command in towns not on fields, dungeons and gvg maps. And @pk on/off is only effective on pvp maps not guild maps like woe. (I guess this will prevent the cheat). My server is in PK mode. So @duel is used in towns or other non pvp maps only.
  5. I've used this patch when im using rAthena long time ago. I think its from eA if im correct and yes its bugged. I never tried the patch on herc. Never tried using @killable. The condition should be that both parties are killable, with just using @killable, doesn't mean the other party/person has to be killable to kill the other person. With the requested @pk here, you should be able to set PK conditions that count for every player I think. Probably a bit like @duel? We might need more specifics ;p Yes, My server is set to PK Mode. Not like duel but, heres a situation. If player 1 is set to pk off and player 2 is set to pk on they cant hit each other just like @monsterignore but with players. Only the players who is set to pk on is hittable.
  6. Can I request for @pk on/off plugin. Something like this http://herc.ws/board/topic/463-pk-patch-v11/
  7. VicTheSlik

    VIP System

    Can someone make a VIP System like in rAthena(http://rathena.org/board/topic/89848-official-vip-system/)
  8. Is @seeghp command working in rAthena works on hercules? heres the link http://rathena.org/board/topic/66348-seeghp/
  9. can i ask how long will i wait for my order? Invoice number 2296 its been a day -.-
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