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  1. Hello guys, first is a pleasure to be part of this team, I hope to learn a lot with you. Well, my doubt is the following, in my patcher I send a folder with the date and sclientinfo ClientInfo together, it is a hazard because it contains my IP and other important information that a player may use his favor. I already turned the date grf yet the CLIENT only opens if the data folder is inside the patcher folder. to sum up: I wonder if I have to pick up the sclientinfo and ClientInfo and put it inside my client (hexed) so he does not get the folder date and no one has access to and that my client open even without the data folder inside the folder the patcher. Is it possible? if possible how do I do that? have a tutorial? and if not possible, someone could tell me some way of not leaving visible the folder information to date players? Thank you! PS: I'm Brazilian, I used google translator, sorry for grammar error.
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