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  1. Zirius

    skill delay

    sorry, just to confirm. So I added 1 sec additional cooldown aside from ASPD? so its 1 sec + ASPD now?
  2. Zirius

    skill delay

    sorry, i have a question. so based on this interpretation. Say, I want to put a fixed cool down on skill say, 1 sec at Archer Double Strafe. So, skill_cast_db.txt //-- AC_DOUBLE 46,0,100,0,100,0,0,0 becomes //-- AC_DOUBLE 46,0,100,0,100,0,1000,0 Correct me if I'm wrong, if hercules follows official behavior too, double strafe cool down is completely based on ASPD.. So with the change I made above, the final cool down of Double Strafe would be: 1 sec + ASPD (1) is this correct and my emulator will behave the same? (2) So, some skills' cooldown are ASPD based, are we assured that modification at "skill_cast_db.txt" skill Cooldown adds up to the cooldown calculated by the source file? and not completely overrides it? thanks! P.S. i am curious, because iRO did some custom changes on some skills like Double Strafe and Bowling Bash, they added 0.3 sec of cast delay to it. So its formula became 0.3 sec + ASPD ( http://irowiki.org/wiki/Servers#Skills ) just wondering if Herc is flexible at handling these modification.
  3. lol, when i tested it, I am only wearing one accessory, and the other one in my inventory, apparently it will only trigger when the accessory is at left or wearing both. But yeah its working great. Thanks!
  4. I watched this video and is wondering which client supports this? it was uploaded 2013, so I expected that my 2014 client will have this, but it is not doing the same? Is it server side or client side? Thanks!
  5. first, at renewal environment db\re\level_penalty.txt 1,12,2,0 1,12,-2,0 meaning 3 level difference, monster won't give any form of experience src\map\pc.c int pc_level_penalty_mod(int diff, unsigned char race, uint32 mode, int type) { #if defined(RENEWAL_DROP) || defined(RENEWAL_EXP) int rate = 100, i; if( diff < 0 ) diff = MAX_LEVEL + ( ~diff + 1 ); for (i = RC_FORMLESS; i < RC_MAX; i++) { int tmp; if (race != i) { if (mode&MD_BOSS && i < RC_BOSS) i = RC_BOSS; else if (i <= RC_BOSS) continue; } if ((tmp=pc->level_penalty[type][i][diff]) > 0) { rate = tmp; break; } // Allow rate = 0 if ((tmp=pc->level_penalty[type][i][diff]) == 0) { rate = 0; break; } } return rate; #else return 100; #endif } allow looping for pc->level_penalty[type][diff]) == 0, then assign rate = 0 src\map\mob.c #ifdef RENEWAL_EXP int rate = pc->level_penalty_mod(md->level - (tmpsd[i])->status.base_level, md->status.race, md->status.mode, 1); base_exp = (unsigned int)cap_value(base_exp * rate / 100, 0, UINT_MAX); job_exp = (unsigned int)cap_value(job_exp * rate / 100, 0, UINT_MAX); #endif cap_value(a, min, UINT_MAX), where min was changed to 0 from 1, allow min to be 0. if zero base_exp and job_exp both 0. But still: monster is giving 1 exp Is there other place where this is hardcoded? Thanks!
  6. Hello! can you guys direct me where can I change the attack calculation for renewal? I am trying to test jRO's Renewal formula Thanks! solved. Hercules\src\map\status.c status_get_weapon_atk
  7. thanks Jman! seems like you need korean proxy to play the game. but will try what i can do.
  8. I'd been lurking Hercules for sometime now, and got some free time I want to use in anyway to help the community. I am interested in making Hercules emulate the official RO behavior, specifically pre Renewal, but I need to clear some things up. As far as I know, hercules shadows the Aegis emulator, the emulator that official servers uses. So, which servers official/Aegis that are still running, I can play/bot with? My current candidate is iRO classic Loki server. If I try to make accounts there, are those usable to gather info for official preRE hercules needs? Thanks!
  9. is the client 2015+? because those clients has the Doram feature at character making, which i don't want to implement in my server.
  10. rAthena has option to change whether you want to delete via email/birthdate via "char_del_option" // Restrict character deletion by email address or birthdate. // This restricts players from changing the langtype and deleting characters. // For birthdate, the client must be 20100803 or newer. // 1: Email address // 2: Birthdate (default) // 3: Email address or Birthdate Does hercules have option for this? I am thinking I can hex the new client 2014+ to say instead of birthdate to email address.. but on client side, i don't know where can i make the character deletion to check the email address field instead of birthdate? thanks!
  11. classic Pnuema blocks Arrow Repel damage, but the knock back effect will still occur. Then, after Trans was released, they nerfed Pnuema by also nullifying the knockback effect. Since, Herc only classify 2 major Ragnarok version, Pre-Re and Renewal, the Classic feature was ignored. So at least, I suggest that there's a conf option where if Pre-RE is enabled, another option: PnuemaClassicEffect = on //Pnuema does not nullify Arrow Repel knockback I actually reported this to old Bug Tracker, but it seems I was misunderstood there, I did put a reliable source both from iroWiki-classic and the fix made by Rathena. I don't want to bump it anymore since Herc is moving to another new Bug tracker system. http://herc.ws/board/tracker/issue-8490-pnuema-blocks-arrow-repel/
  12. I'll mark Garr's answer as the answer for it is easier. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I am planning to exclude pastry buffs to be dispelled. Where can I found those? Thanks! Tried: https://rathena.org/board/topic/64904-exlcude-a-skill-to-be-dispelled/
  14. there an sc_end for most buffs, but can't find for spirit, any idea how? Thanks!
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