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  1. Hi Guys, San po ba mkaka download ng latest ragexe clients na compatible sa latest server files? Thanks
  2. Nice plugin annie! We will surely implement this in our server. Thanks a lot.
  3. LiTo

    revision number

    ahh. hehe. ganun pala. salamat tol.
  4. LiTo

    revision number

    guys patulong nman. saan bah makikita ang revision number? kasi after ko ma run yung server eto ung nka lagay. Thanks.
  5. What version you use? are you sure there is no error upon compiling? please review.. yeah. there is no error during compiling. but its working now. I am really interested only in @rentitem. So what i did was i manually put the code below under atcommand.c. ACMD(rentitem){ char item_name[100]; int number = 0, item_id, flag = 0; struct item item_tmp; struct item_data *item_data; int get_count; memset(item_name, '0', sizeof(item_name)); if (!message || !*message || ( sscanf(message, ""%99[^"]" %d", item_name, &number) < 1 && sscanf(message, "%99s %d", item_name, &number) < 1 )) { clif->message(fd, "Please enter an item name or ID (usage: @rentitem <item name/ID> <minutes>)."); return true; } if (number <= 0) number = 1; if ((item_data = itemdb->search_name(item_name)) == NULL && (item_data = itemdb->exists(atoi(item_name))) == NULL) { clif->message(fd, "Invalid item ID or name."); return false; } item_id = item_data->nameid; get_count = number; //Check if it's stackable. if (itemdb->isstackable2(item_data)) { clif->message(fd, "Cannot create rented stackable items."); return false; } if(item_data->type == IT_PETEGG || item_data->type == IT_PETARMOR) { clif->message(fd, "Cannot create rented pet eggs or pet armors."); return false; } // if not pet egg if (!pet->create_egg(sd, item_id)) { number = get_count*60; memset(&item_tmp, 0, sizeof(item_tmp)); item_tmp.nameid = item_id; item_tmp.identify = 1; item_tmp.expire_time = (unsigned int)(time(NULL) + number); item_tmp.bound = 0; if ((flag = pc->additem(sd, &item_tmp, 1, LOG_TYPE_COMMAND))) clif->additem(sd, 0, 0, flag); } if (flag == 0) clif->message(fd, "Item created."); return true;} thank you for sharing this tol. asitg! btw. im am using version 3.0.7.
  6. @mahlicot can i use it in pre-renwal server? because after adding the plugin, i am getting unknown command if i use @rentitem.
  7. hey guys. I am having problem using this translation. Please see screenshot below im am using 2013-08-07aRagexe.
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