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  1. Hello, how is the sprite of an ammo, for example the peach bullets from enchanted peach tree linked to the mob itself? Is there a table or something inside the client where i can link those sprites? I have a custom mob act and a spr and a custom amm/bullet act and spr which should be used in the ranged attack animation.
  2. Is there any clean client version from the 2013-08-07 exe? It should been one of the most popular and stable versions, but i could only find pre-diffed versions and there seems no way to enable packet obfuscation again.
  3. Hello, I'm searching for a 2013-08-07 Ragnarok exe with enabled packet obfuscation. All I can find are pre-diffed exes with disabled packet encryption. Or does anybody know how to manually hex a client to enable packet obfuscation again?
  4. Keru


    I have tried to compile this plugin, but i get an error about the malloc.h and the CREATE which is usually in there. malloc.h isn't part of hercules, so how do this plugin work?
  5. Thanks, for the fast reply. But i found it irritating to have them in the window when they are not needed.
  6. Hello, i want to remove the Free Cash from the custom trader, because i don't need a second currency. So i want only the regular points in this window. I can't find them in the source code, maybe someone can help me?
  7. Change skill_db.txt: 254,5,6,4,6,0x48,0,10,1,no,33,0x100,0,magic,0, CR_GRANDCROSS,Grand Cross to 254,5,6,4,6,0x48,0,10,1,no,33,0,0,magic,0, CR_GRANDCROSS,Grand Cross This changes the // 12 inf2 (skill information 2):// 0x0100- skill that damages/targets yourself so the selfhit is disabled. They will still lose some HP due to the Grandcross, but it will be impossible to kill theirself.
  8. In map/battle.c there is this part about Asura Strike aka Extrimity Fist: case MO_EXTREMITYFIST: #ifndef RENEWAL { //Overflow check. [Skotlex] unsigned int ratio = skillratio + 100*(8 + st->sp/10); //You'd need something like 6K SP to reach this max, so should be fine for most purposes. if (ratio > 60000) ratio = 60000; //We leave some room here in case skillratio gets further increased. skillratio = (unsigned short)ratio; }#endif break; If you are using pre-renewal ther is an overflow check, so if you are using high rates with high stats your asura will be capped at some point. This is becuase a short int is from 0 to 65535. If you change the cap to more than this you will get an overflow error, which means it will start again from 0.
  9. You have to change the pre-re/skill_db.txt: -2483,11,6,2,0,0x3,4,10,1,yes,0,0x2000,0,weapon,0, GN_CRAZYWEED,Crazy Weed -2484,0,6,2,2,0x2,3,10,1,no,0,0x2000,0,weapon,0, GN_CRAZYWEED_ATK,Crazy Weed Attack +2483,11,6,2,0,0x3,4,10,1,yes,0,0,0,none,0, GN_CRAZYWEED,Crazy Weed +2484,0,6,2,2,0,0,10,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0, GN_CRAZYWEED_ATK,Crazy Weed Attack and the pre-re/skill_unit_db.txt : +2484,0x86, , 0, 2, 100,enemy, 0x080 //GN_CRAZYWEED_ATK this worked for me to enable crazy weed in pre-renewal, best regards to Happy for helping me with this
  10. My current skillinfo.lub, standard file is working fine. But i wanted to make an edit in this file at the teleport skill to sepereate the levels. bSeperateLv = true, But the problem is i cant edit it without getting the "unexpected symbol near" error. I've already tried different thing: - just editing the lub and save it. - decompile lub to lua, edit the lua save it as lub - decompile lub to lua, edit the lua and compile it back to lub Nothing has worked. The problem also stays the same when i doesn't even change anything after decompile it to lua and just compile or save it back to lub. Is there anything I'm doing wrong with it?
  11. Thanks for your help, this solved my problem!
  12. Thanks for your answer. Can this be solved by re attaching player ids or something like that?
  13. Yes I have tested it, i'll even copy pasted your script to prevent errors. Edit: The screenshot is after i choose something in the menu
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