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  1. Hello Guys im requesting for our old source. im looking for source code for Autoattack system , FireIvy , Create Nugget for stalker , Old Asura strike in i think i should include the Freeze Immunity when you get the max int X I already see a complete guide for this Old Asura & Fireivy . Im currently planning to create a thrend witch include all old source script that has been remove and apply to your latest. if you have those old share it here !
  2. Yes when you configure all of them into 0 asura wont use and it will said skill has failed . so you need to balance your skill cast db properly. but im requesting for asura like that in video. i want to make it my asura like that.
  3. Hello im requesting for 0 Delay asura strike . i have been a couple a week trying to configure the skill_cast_db to make it 0 delay like the video below if anyone have like this kindly share it here ^_^ . im planning to implement this kind of asura to my PK server
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