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Found 6 results

  1. 151 downloads

    This is the memorabilia Hat from RWC 2013 in Japan
  2. Hello community, I want to share BASIC guide for setting up Client date 2013+ (custom items, jobs, weapons, etc, go away) This is a compact list that you can follow to setup your client, let's start: [1]. Download latest kRO Installer from : [*]https://www.nickyzai.com/?p=kro [*]http://herc.ws/board/topic/10666-release-2012-04-10-ragexere-full-client/ [*]Torrent : https://kickass.to/ragnarok-online-06-06-2014-kro-client-folder-t9211110.html I will update when I found the other links. [2]. Choose which client date you want use, list clients date (Ragexe) that available in Hercules: [*]2014 : 2014-01-15, 2014-02-05, 2014-03-05, 2014-04-02, 2014-04-16, 2014-10-16, 2014-10-22 [*]2013 : 2013-03-20, 2013-05-14, 2013-05-22, 2013-05-29, 2013-06-05, 2013-06-12, 2013-06-18, 2013-06-26, 2013-07-03, 2013-08-07, 2013-08-14, 2013-12-18, 2013-12-23, 2013-12-30 The recomended and stable clients are bolded [3]. Download UNPACKED Ragexe from : [*]2013 : http://k3dt.eu/Ragexe/unpacked/ [*]2014 : https://github.com/ThemonChan/2014-Ragexe-Client [*]Fixed 2014 April client, Link by @Lilystar : https://mega.co.nz/#!alM3kRyC!9z7xDPmFU3J9UFg4hXjNcv9XnLZxG5AL87iNksjpSiM [4]. Use NEMO patcher to diff your client [*]http://herc.ws/board/topic/2905-nemo-client-patcher/ , Use the git link, not the zip file. [*]Extract your client then open NEMO.exe [*]Browse and select your client. [*]Click "Load Client" button [*]Click "Select Recomended" button (Its checked all basic diffs) [*]Checked "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo.lub" Patch, and fill it with "System/iteminfo.lua" [*]Then click "APPLY SELECTED" button. (Default result will like this : yyyy-mm-ddbRagexe_patched.exe) [*]Move your patched.exe to your Ragnarok folder. [5]. Now you got the patched exe, next is to edit your Hercules so it accept your client date [*]go to srccommon and open "mmo.h" [*]scroll down to #define PACKETVER [*]then changed "#define PACKETVER yyyymmdd" to your client date (eg: #define PACKETVER 20140416) [*]Add "//" before "#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_RE" , because we use Ragexe [*]Save then compile your hercules. (choose "release", not "debug") Compiling guide: http://herc.ws/wiki/Compiling Setting up server guide: http://herc.ws/board/topic/968-guide-how-to-setup-hercules/ [6]. Now everything is ready to play, but you don't want to play with korean/unknown letter right? [*]Ok, now go to http://herc.ws/board/topic/398-client-translation-project/ [*]Download it, after that, copy the "data" folder to other folder (case sensitive). [*]Add your clientinfo.xml inside it (in folder data), then make a GRF from this. (Use GRF editor http://herc.ws/board/files/file/138-grf-editor/) [*]Save and name it "english.grf". [*]Move it to your Ragnarok folder. [*]Open your DATA.ini, if you don't have it, open your patched.exe, that should create one. [*]Add this line "1=english.grf" below "[Data]", without quote. so it will be like this : [*][Data]1=english.grf2=data.grf [*]Copy all files inside "SystemFont" folder of client translation, then paste it to Ragnarok "SystemFont" [*]Lastly copy "itemInfo.lua" and "Towninfo.lub" from client translation project to your ragnarok "system" folder [*]That's it! run Hercules's "run-server.bat" and open your patched.exe and play. [7]. Updating your KRO To make sure your KRO fully up to date, download RO patcher by Ai4rei , http://nn.nachtwolke.com/dev/rsu/ Put rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe to your ragnarok folder, run it until the patch is complete , then close it. P.S : Experimental client like 2014-10-22bRagexe and 2015-05-13aRagexe are NOT RECOMENDED to be used as client for your server. many broken feature inside them (like missing packets or unimplemented feature) as Developer still working on it (with no exact date), use it at your own risk =============================================== =================== F . A . Q =================== =============================================== All credits goes to Community
  3. Olá amigos, peço desculpas se este for um tópico já "batido" por assim dizer. O que eu gostaria de saber, por gentileza, é a vossa opinião a respeito de CLients(hexeds) em 2015 Não que esta seja uma dúvida, mas troca de opiniões é sempre interessante, então, vamos juntar os fatos e vamos juntos chegar a uma conclusão: Qual o melhor e mais viável (em relação a performance [menos bugs e etc]) Client para um servidor? Pelo o que vi o 2012 é o mais estável pra um server Online, cujo ADM não gostaria que seus jogadores encontrassem bugs. É isso mesmo? Alguém sabe dizer se tem algum outro? Os bugs que eu encontrei foram Umas skills de Warlock, eu usava elas, e dava que a animação da skill não continha na minha data (Já estranhei, pois fiz uma data completa, tudo com base no iRO) E APós o cooldown da skill, usei ela de novo, sob as mesmas condições, e simplesmente não apresentou bug ._. O que acham?
  4. File Name: RWC 2013 Japan Hat File Submitter: zackdreaver File Submitted: 01 Mar 2015 File Category: Sprites & Palettes This is the memorabilia Hat from RWC 2013 in Japan Click here to download this file
  5. Hello all. I tried to add custom item.. but this error appear. how to fix it ? im using 2013 client.. I have follow this instruction.. add your custom .spr and .act hereDatatexture유저인터페이스collectionDatatexture유저인터페이스itemDatasprite아이템Datasprite악세사리남Datasprite악세사리여then add it hereDataluafiles514lua filesdatainfoaccessoryid.lub, accname.lub and accname_eng.lubthen also add it to yourdbitem_db2.txtand finally add it on yourgravitySystemitemInfo.lub but this error happen on my iteminfo.lub then i go check it on notepad on that line. then i found this. What do you think ? i have added my new custom on this line. Once i edit the iteminfo.lub, an error happen to many lines
  6. Hello all. I would like to know what 2013 client is best and stable to be used and support cash shop ?
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