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Found 4 results

  1. Hi ... I've finished a series of maps recently, inspired by a horror story theme. The main map is a modern city, freely inspired by Raccon City (RE) with classic places such as the famous Mansion of RE1 and also the raccon city police station. A map made for RO, but the idea was to remove all the medieval elements, to maintain a modern aesthetic, to approach our present world. The second map is MANSION (freely inspired) This map has 4 floors (two extremely large 2 floors (150x150), 1 small floor and basement. The maps are well detailed and with the possibility to compose a series of quest's and events. There are many possibilities. It can be used as an instance, as main city, map for events (such as zombie invazion, undead, savior, vips events, hunter), quests, etc. just be creative. Tell me your opinion, maybe you can help me improve. Thank you. ps: The police department is not ready yet.***** (Some images to better illustrate) THE CITY Now some images of the Mansion with 4 floors I like it when the maps are well filled, with no empty spaces, and with many details, something that suggests that there is life there, with dirt and trash on the floor, etc ... 01F and 02F 03F and basement
  2. So I downloaded the pre-configured Browedit 586, 620, and 2.0 from the official discord links and followed the setup directions. I'm having a problem with opening maps from data.grf file. At first 586 and 620 would just close the entire program when I tried to "open from .grf" I then ran 586 and 620 in compatibility mode (i'm on win10) and it would then open a blank map with one yellow dot. Browedit 2.0 gave me an error that looks the attached image. I also checked that my .grf is under 2.x gigs and that's not it. It's at like 1.4g. I'm running option #2 from here. Anyone know what's wrong here? EDIT: "Error: [22:13:43] Error loading texture C:\......clientdata\texture\┐÷┼═\water000.jpg! gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x00 0x00 I'm now getting a bunch of these errors when I try to open the files. It looks like the water files are bad?
  3. Bonjour! I finished another map of the Gaia Series, totally customized, and with that touch of fantasy. The Enchanted Village! The idea of this map is to be the main city of the Gaia project, an idealized instance created by TioAkima, where there will be PVP, dungeons, fiefdoms, items, NPCs, Mobs, VIP Room, etc ... All this theme. (Below are some prints and video of the Map) One more touch of fantasy of TioAkima ... VIDEO SHOWING THE MAP MORE DETAIL LOOK THE MOVIE! Leets'rooock For those who have not seen yet, the PVP with the same theme, Look the video! LOOK THE MOVIE! GO! Leets'plaaaaaaaay guys This is GAIA PVP End! Thanks
  4. Um vídeo mostrando um pouco como é a interface e algumas funções do BrowEdit. Este video foi feito com intuição de ajudar aos novatos no programa. No vídeo eu mostro um local de download que não é necessário usar ele. Abaixo está o link oficial do BrowEdit. Download BrowEdit: Download Estarei fazendo um passo à passo em texto também. Abraços.
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