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Found 7 results

  1. I'm try download new hercules client (2018-12) for test but don't work this is my steps in windows 10 1º download and install phyton2 (version 3.7.2) 2º download two archives get2.exe and get2.py for test both methods 3º download refer hexed files 4º Try open archive, but the file no work check in screenshot: sorry my bad english
  2. Molten


    What is the latest stable version of Ragexe?
  3. Hi guys! I'm going back to the world RO and I see that a lot has improved! Especially the Hercules community <3 My question is : 8 Years ago to create a private server RO we make a diff de hexed and downloaded a DATA folder as a template to do the customizations. Looking at the topics here on the forum, I see that things have changed. Right? If I'm not wrong, to create a private server (client-side), I need to download a RagexeRE or Ragexe_zero and create a clientinfo. xml and throw in my official RO folder. Am I correct? Is it no longer necessary to download a template DATA folder and create a GRF? In case I'm wrong, please refer me to tutors/guides so I can update myself. How about English data? Thank you very much! Waiting for answers
  4. RUCR Hello Hercules Community, I was working on RUCR this month and I am happy to announce that it's complete. The Site contains all Ragexe(upto 2016-07) and RagexeRE from 2014, fully unpacked. It would be great if there will be no mirrors, I would be keeping this web up and running, so mirrors won't be needed. Also, if you find any clients missing, you can post it here, and I will check if that can be uploaded. Repo Link: DISABLED Enjoy
  5. Hi, Just wanted to share my mirror site for 20150601 Clean Ragnarok Client. Originally from Nickyzai's site. Decided to share it because their HTTP link is dead. It has 3 links in it and will be expanding it soon. Report any dead link here. Thanks. Regards, Jess
  6. I stumbled across this which led me to look at the .h file which lead me to the conclusion that I should be AOK to use the client version dated 2014, 04, 16. I fully intend to do some google searching on the matter hoping to stumble upon the full client version which I will then put to use, but before I did that I wanted to cover all of my bases by asking here as well. I was able to get the server setup and have it running (which is pretty sweet, I can't wait to fun around with it), but my problem is finding a client that will run. I tried this link but the date is for august 1st of this year and I don't see packet information for that in the header (not feeling confident enough to test the waters in that case). So to that end I need 3 things: The full client download for 2014 04 16, the xDiff, and the ragexe (which I had hoped to find myself here but no love). If anyone can direct me to them I would be appreciative. Sorry for such a noob post (probably the answer is already present in the forum somewhere and I just haven't seen it yet). Thanks.
  7. This KRO is updated and packed up to 17th July 2013 by me. MD5: 5e716f849e938a8cc94b44c510b160dc Size: 2.11GB Password: not available MD5 Tool: http://keir.net/hash.html
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