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King Of Emperium help fix script


i dont know if the thread still alive or not.

i just want asking how to put only in Monday ,Webnesday , Friday And Saturday?


//===== eAthena Script ============================================//= King of Emperium Hill//===== By: =======================================================//= AnnieRuru//===== Current Version: ==========================================//= 1.0//===== Compatible With: ==========================================//= hercules 2014-02-18//===== Description: ==============================================//= defends the emperium in the middle of the map until times up//===== Topic =====================================================//= http://herc.ws/board/topic/4495-gvg-king-of-emperium-hill///===== Additional Comments: ======================================//= Finally there is a topic for this !//=================================================================-	script	KoE	-1,{OnInit:	disablenpc "The King#KoE";	disablenpc "Exit#KoE";	bindatcmd "koe", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnCommand", 99,100;	end;OnCommand:	if ( compare( .@atcmd_parameters$, "on" ) ) goto L_start;	else if ( compare( .@atcmd_parameters$, "off" ) ) goto L_end;	else {		dispbottom "type - '@koe on' to start the event";		dispbottom "type - '@koe off' to end the event";	}	end;OnClock2200: // everyday 10pm startsL_start:	if ( .start ) end;	gvgon "guild_vs1";	announce "The King of Emperium Hill has begun!", bc_all;	.start = 1;	enablenpc "The King#KoE";	disablenpc "Exit#KoE";	$koegid = 0;	donpcevent "::OnRevKoE";	maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 7;	monster "guild_vs1",49,49,"EMPERIUM",1288,1,"KoE::OnEmpDead";	end;OnClock2300: // everyday 11.00pm endsL_end:	gvgoff "guild_vs1";	announce "The King of Emperium Hill is over!", bc_all;	.start = 0;	enablenpc "Exit#KoE";	disablenpc "The King#KoE";	killmonsterall "guild_vs1";//	maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 6; // uncomment this line to kick non-owner off the map when event ends	end;OnEmpDead:	$koegid = getcharid(2);	announce "The current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ strcharinfo(2) +"] guild.", bc_all;	donpcevent "::OnRevKoE";	maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 6;	sleep 500;	if ( .start )		monster "guild_vs1",49,49,"EMPERIUM",1288,1,"KoE::OnEmpDead";	end;}// KoE Entranceinvek,157,161,4	script	The King#KoE	58,{    mes "[The King]";	if ( !getcharid(2) ) {		mes "You must have a guild to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000.";		close;	}    mes "Hello.";    mes "Would you like to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000?";	if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close;    switch( rand(1,4) ){        case 1:	warp "guild_vs1", 50, 88; end;        case 2:	warp "guild_vs1", 88, 50; end;        case 3:	warp "guild_vs1", 50, 11; end;        case 4:	warp "guild_vs1", 11, 50; end;	}}// KoE Exitguild_vs1,49,56,5	script	Exit#KoE	51,{	mes "[Exit]";	mes "See ya.";	close2;	warp "Save",0,0;	if ( getcharid(2) == $koegid )		getitem 7227, 10; // configure prize here		getitem 12903,1;		getitem 12905,1;		getitem 12904,1;		getitem 12907,1;		getitem 12906,1;		getitem 12186,1;	end;}// Flagsguild_vs1,49,38,4	script	King of Emperium Hill#1::koe_flag	722,{	if ( !$koegid ) end;	mes "[King of Emperium Hill]";	mes "The Current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ getguildname($koegid) +"] guild.";	close;//OnInit: // Uncomment this line to make the emblem stay after @reloadscriptOnRevKoE:	flagemblem $koegid;	end;}guild_vs1,61,49,6	duplicate(koe_flag)	King of Emperium Hill#2	722guild_vs1,38,49,2	duplicate(koe_flag)	King of Emperium Hill#3	722guild_vs1,49,61,0	duplicate(koe_flag)	King of Emperium Hill#4	722invek,160,156,3	duplicate(koe_flag)	King of Emperium Hill#4	722guild_vs1	mapflag	nobranchguild_vs1	mapflag	nomemoguild_vs1	mapflag	nopenaltyguild_vs1	mapflag	noreturnguild_vs1	mapflag	nosave	SavePointguild_vs1	mapflag	noteleportguild_vs1	mapflag	gvg_nopartyguild_vs1	mapflag	nowarpguild_vs1	mapflag	nowarptoguild_vs1	mapflag	guildlock 

are like this if i want change only in a day i choose ?



OnClock2200: // everyday 10pm starts
Change to
OnClock2300: // everyday 11.00pm ends
Change to


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Answer is in that link.  :P


The examples can be found after following the link. It's the 4th codebox.

i know it the link




int add_timer(unsigned int tick, TimerFunc func, int id, int data)

add_timer(Tick, Function, GID, Args);

  • Tick:
    • Time that it will be executed (In Milliseconds)
    • ie. gettick()+300000
    • in 5 minutes

    [*]Function: - Linked Function (ie. battle_delay_damage_sub)

    [*]GID: - Game ID (ie. mob_data->block_list.id)

    [*]Args: - Additional Arguments (ie. (int)script_state)


so for choose a day how? 

how to calculate millisecond for a day?

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