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  1. Change all $GM_ variables to $@GM_ variables, as the latter ones aren't saved between server restarts. Alternatively just clear the $GM_ variables in the OnInit section. @Oxxy: You could also add an option to specify by which column (map, level, name, ...) the character list should be ordered.
  2. http://herc.ws/wiki/Timers_(Scripting)#Label_Timers OnSat1200: // Triggers at noon on each Saturday.OnTue0707: // Triggers at 7 past 7 AM on Tuesday
  3. Instead of using a SQL query for this purpose, you should use getlook(..) and setlook(..) instead. For more information on these commands, you can look them up in doc/script_commands.txt.
  4. example? The examples can be found after following the link. It's the 4th codebox.
  5. You can use the "Find in Files" function of Notepad++ or any other tool with that function.
  6. - script InitConfig -1,{OnInit: setcell "thor_v03",1,1,3,105,cell_walkable,0; killmonsterall "thor_v03";} That's what I used on my server in the past. The killmonsterall call is necessarry, because monsters might have already been loaded before this particular script was loaded.
  7. They did update the surrounding fields this week .
  8. While OVH offers great servers, their default/business plans are quite expensive and probably kind of overkill for private servers. You should also checkout their Kimsufi and So-you-Start plans as well. I had a dedicated server like the KS-4 (Kimsufi) in the past (just with less RAM) and I can't remember experiencing any problems with around 600 users in peak time.
  9. Original link: https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/weetools/trunk/WeeThumbnail/
  10. Just tried to request a package and it's working fine for me.
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