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Tio Akima

ADD new Signboard - chat/shop/icon/etc

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Hi, I'm TioAkima.

Small tutorial to help add the new fucking SIGNBOARDs that are available to new clients.
If I'm not mistaken, it's for client's 2016+

For those who do not know, I'm talking about these new chat/shop on the NPC:



They are cool and leave the server with a nice face. <3

it is quite simple.
Go in your data folder, and in your LUA files (luafiles514)

search for file signboardlist.lub

data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub

Now let's understand how this file works to add a SIGNBOARD (cute little window with icon) like this:


The structure of the file is as follows:

{" prontera", 150, 193, 5, IT_BMP, "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp", " KAFRA Tools ","#0x00FFFFFF"}

        "prontera", = map name
        150, = x
        193, = y
        5, = height you want the window (can be zero if you want)
        IT_SIGNBOARD, = window type
       "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp",  = here is the directory where your icon is
        "KAFRA Tools", = chat  name
        "#0x00FFFFFF" = letter color

Just add another line following this format. Remembering that the last window does not have the comma in the end ... It is good to pay attention to this.

Now to add icons in this other way>


The format is very similar, but it has some minimal difference ... And it's also in the same file.
It's pretty much the same thing, but one or the other function argument changes.

The structure is this:

{"prontera", 150, 193, 1, IT_BMP, "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp"}, 

        "prontera", = map name
        150, = x
        193, = y
        1, = height you want the icon (can be zero if you want)
        IT_BMP, = Only place the icon (without the window)
       "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp"  = here is the directory where your icon is

Note that for this, you do not put the name of the chat nor the color of the letter! (you do not have these two arguments, okay?) ..
That's it .. I hope it helps anyone who wants to put these windows.

Tio akima

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On 10/8/2018 at 5:47 PM, luizragna said:

Wow, Dragon Ball with ragnarok??

there is also star wars lol . . . and a really neat pokemon one 





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