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Campfire to regenerate HP/SP

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Yesterday, after rambles on Discord with Dastgir and Asheraf,

I've got another Brilliant Idea for a Release from Habilis!


The Idea:

Camp Fire to restore / regenerate HP & SP.

When you sit by the Camp fire, you start feeling the warmth and the comfort, so your HP & SP begin to regenerate.




There is a nice contribution from Meko on that subject 

Menhir (Big rock that possesses magical powers and able to restore Health and Energy of Seekers)

Thanks Meko!

So, I thought to myself, well, that is wonderful, but why not make it portable?


Because, conveniently, there is this NPC sprite :


ID: 10252 (0x280C)


Even more conveniently, there is this item:

7035.gif Matchstick    Item ID# 7035 (Matchstick)


A phosphorus tipped stick that can be used to start a fire.



Dastgir, suggested using this plugin to make this possible:





When you use the item   Matchstick   in your inventory, it will spawn a duplicate of the NPC called Camp Fire.

So that when you are in the field, farming, grinding you could rest.


- You need to sit close to the Camp Fire  (3 cells ) to feel the warmth.

- Anyone can sit by your Camp Fire and rest.

- Camp Fire lasts 2-3 minutes.

- Need to sit for at least 3 seconds to begin feeling the warmth and comfort.

- you cannot start a fire within 5 cells of another Camp Fire.

- If you use a match one more time, old Camp Fire disappears and a new one appears.


I think it will add an element of roleplay and romanticism to the gameplay.

(Habilis is a soft, sensitive and romantic type B38cFIv.jpg).


Expect the Release sometime soon...







Edited by Habilis

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The animated fire is a relatively new NPC sprite.

I've had a little sprite problem. I will add all the instructions on how to add this sprite if you don't have it

(Basically instructions how to add a custom NPC, server side & client side)



Note that it says in the chat, 

You are feeling warm and cozy.



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Here is the pre-releae version.

anyone, who feel like it,  can contribute!


prt_fild08,138,364,0	script	Camp Fire#CF	4_BONFIRE,{


	getmapxy(.@map$, .@x, .@y, UNITTYPE_PC);
	getmapxy(.@npc_map$, .@npc_x, .@npc_y, UNITTYPE_NPC);
	if (.@map$ != .@npc_map$ || distance(.@npc_x, .@npc_y, .@x, .@y) > .refill_distance || !(issit())) {
		@camp_fire_regen = 0;
		@camp_fire_tick = 0;
	if(@camp_fire_regen == 1) {
		heal(.refillHP_rate, .refillSP_rate);
	} else {
		if(@camp_fire_tick >= .camp_fire_delay) {
			@camp_fire_regen = 1;
			@camp_fire_tick = 0;
			dispbottom("You are feeling warm and cozy.");
		} else {

	getmapxy(.@npc_map$, .@npc_x, .@npc_y, UNITTYPE_NPC);
	.@count = getunits(BL_PC, .@units[0], false, .@npc_map$, (.@npc_x - .refill_distance),
		(.@npc_y - .refill_distance), (.@npc_x + .refill_distance), (.@npc_y + .refill_distance));

	for (.@i = 0; .@i < .@count; ++.@i) {
		addtimer(rand(.refill_timer),  strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME) + "::OnRefill", .@units[.@i]);

	deltimer(strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME) + "::OnRefill");

	.refillHP_rate = 15;	// number of HP to give every refill
	.refillSP_rate = 5;		// number of SP to give every refill
	.refill_distance = 3;	// max distance from fire HP/SP regeneration will work
	.camp_fire_delay = 5;	// Skip how many ticks before feel warm ;)
	.refill_timer = 300;	// wait rand(X) ms before refil

function	script	F_CreateCFDup	{
	.@nofire_distance = 5;		// How far from other NPCs allowed to make fire.
	.@fire_duration = 60000;	//180000; // 3 minutes (How long will the Camp fire last)
	.@curr_char_id = getarg(0);
	getmapxy(.@mapname$, .@mapx, .@mapy, UNITTYPE_PC);

	if(getmapxy(.@dupe_mapname$, .@dupe_mapx, .@dupe_mapy, UNITTYPE_NPC, sprintf("Camp Fire#CF_%d",.@curr_char_id)) == 0) {
		deltimer(sprintf("Camp Fire#CF_%d::OnRemoveDup", .@curr_char_id));
		duplicateremove(sprintf("Camp Fire#CF_%d", .@curr_char_id));
	if(getunits(BL_NPC, .@units[0], false, .@mapname$, (.@mapx - .@nofire_distance),(.@mapy - .@nofire_distance), (.@mapx + .@nofire_distance), (.@mapy + .@nofire_distance)) > 0) {
		dispbottom("A fire cannot be started here.");
	} else {
		soundeffect ("strike-matchstick.wav",0);
		duplicatenpc("Camp Fire#CF", "Camp Fire", sprintf("CF_%d", .@curr_char_id), .@mapname$, .@mapx, .@mapy, 0);
		addtimer(.@fire_duration, sprintf("Camp Fire#CF_%d::OnRemoveDup", .@curr_char_id));


Here is in the 



	Id: 7035
	AegisName: "Matchstick"
	Name: "Matchstick"
	Type: 2
	Buy: 100
	Weight: 10
	BuyingStore: true
	Delay: 15000
	Script: <" callfunc("F_CreateCFDup", getcharid(CHAR_ID_CHAR)); ">


There is still some work to be done.


Edited by Habilis

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Hi Habilis, this is my attempts..

Feel free to comment :D


Updated the campfire:

- slowly decrease the effectiveness of healing rate and area range every 10 seconds.

- may use item like wooden block, tree root, to prolong the campfire duration, or increase healing rate and area range too.





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