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  1. My guess would be that your lua files are not compatible with your client version. OR those skills have invalid settings in the lua file. The error basically says that "AttackRange" is not set for this skill. Which may be because it is missing or because it was not properly registered by the lua functions.
  2. If I understood right, you want to put the emperium in the middle of the area and spawn barricade monsters in the black line. And while the barricade is still up, no one can go through the cell? I think you can follow how official servers does it (more or less), spawn barricade mosnters + set the cells to not walkable, when the barricade monster is killed, you trigger an event and change the cell to walkable. check out setcell script command
  3. Hello, This is Hercules emulator forum, not rAthena emulator, I think you will have better answers asking in the right place ( https://rathena.org/board/ ). Although versions this old did share some similarities with Hercules, Hercules is quite a different project from rA nowadays. Asking in the rAthena website will allow your question to be seen by rAthena users, and you will get answers from people who actually use rAthena. If it helps, I think you may able to find some info by looking into the vcproj files in your emulator folder, but if I remember correctly, Hercules and rAthena did not name them the same, and I don't know how rAthena did it. Perhaps someone in rAthena forums knows how they were organized back then. CentOS 6 is still downloadable. It is no longer supported, but it still available for download at their own site (just google "centos 6" and look at CentOS website). https://www.centos.org/download/#older-versions
  4. I think clients from 2019 and up supports up to ID 2 billion, even for costumes. I am not sure which client you are using, but newer clients should be the only real option.
  5. Oh, sorry, I misread that part. Hmm, it does look correct to me. I tried copying to my own server and it works. Which client version are you using? One thing I think it is worth trying is to use an ItemId < 32k. Although it shouldn't be an issue, but just to rule out the client doing something weird. Older clients used to support only up to 32k item ids and I think there was a period of time where ETC items could have IDs > 32k but equipments could not (I may be wrong). so I would test a smaller id just to rule this out.
  6. Costumes should go into the costumes equipment slot. Not on normal equipment slot. Try this: Change: Loc: "EQP_HEAD_TOP" To: Loc: "EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP"
  7. I am making a hard guess here since I never used it. But did you try setting "CoolTimeQuest = 1" in OngoingQuestInfoList_True ? The quest from your screenshot has this property set.
  8. Since there is a lot of info going on here, I will try to break into a few questions and possibilities for you to investigate. First, are you using Hercules? Because job_exp.conf doesn't exists in Hercules. We have exp_group_db.conf. I will assume it was just a typo and that you meant exp_group_db.conf for the rest of this answer. 1. you mention HP and SP going to 1 when you change job exp and level. Does this happen while you are below level 99 or because after doing that you are able to go over it and then the issue shows up? Usually, new levels will have issues because the HP and SP tables are not ready for them. To fix this, you have to expand the HP and SP tables in job_db.conf 2. From your print, you mean that you simply doesn't see the EXP bars, right? if I recall correctly, the EXP bars get hidden on clients due to a lua config in the client side. I don't know which config though
  9. Maybe you are missing some official files? Maybe using a newer data will solve it. just from the path it is hard to tell what it is related to. regarding translation, this text is gibberish representing korean characters in a system not ready to handle korean characters. with a korean language pack your computer will render korean text instead of this gibberish. It is not entirely possible to translate it, since the exe and official files relies on this path. if you translate, you would have to update every file that references those original paths, including the game executable This weird string is actually the path + filename of the missing file (in other words, it is not "encrypted", it is just korean characters being displayed in a messy way)
  10. Hercules doesn't have a "episode changer" nor an exact running episode. RO itself doesn't follow a straight line of updates around the world, as each server got different content at different times. We follow kRO, kind of. If you are in pre-re, you are likely around 13.2, the latest episode before renewal, and you likely have most content (at least as far as I know). For renewal, there isn't a specific episode, we are missing some stuff of pretty much every renewal episode. Like, we have Rebellion (which is from 15.x) but we don't have faceworm instance which if from 14.x. If you check this filter in GitHub for example, you can see a few episodes and their missing/implemented content: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+episode
  11. it might be that your client was modified to use a different item info file. Which client are you using? and did you use "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" patch on nemo? if you have used this patch, you have to use whatever name you set there. The error in your print is saying that it tried to find the image (null).bmp, most likely it is getting something wrong while loading your lua. Did you get any error when the client starts? this may also give a hint about the issue. -- for signboard, deleting it will make the client load from GRF, the right way would be to edit it to not show signboards (by emptying the list of signboards)
  12. These are all related to your client Lua files. (Note: ".lua" may be ".lub" and you may have some other suffix depending on main/RE or if you have some nemo patch renaming them) The small yellow/white text is part of Quest UI, it is in System/OngoingQuestInfoList_True.lua The item issue is likely related to some issue in System/ItemInfo_True.lua The icons are in data/luafiles514/lua files/signboardlist.lub
  13. The reason I mentioned enabling/disabling plugins, and also trying a clean hercules is to help you find where the issue is. There is no way to fix without knowing where the issue is. If you can find the hercules version (follow 4144 advice above), try creating a separate folder and cloning hercules in this version and build and run it with no further customization (just change client date and set pre-re). Make a totally new server, should take you only a few minutes. This will tell whether it is an hercules bug or a bug in your changes (most likely, at least I don't remember hercules having this issue in the last few years). If it is an hercules issue, you may search the fix in herc repo and apply manually, or update your emulator, or fix it yourself. I don't think there is another way around it. Hercules changelog may help find what to look for in this case. If it is an issue with your custom changes, disabling your plugins and scripts can help you pin point where to dig further. - If you disable all plugins and scripts and the issue persists: The issue is changes in source itself (so you are limited to src/ folder) - If it works, try to enable 1 plugin, test, 1 more plugin, test, and so on, until you find the culprit (or find that it is not a plugin issue) - If all plugins are loaded and drops are still working, enable a few scripts per time, test, enable more, until you find the culprit (so you have only a few scripts, which you can them do the reverse process: disable 1 per time until it works again: you found the actual culprit) If the issue is in source, you can use a debugger (Btw, what you pasted above is NOT a debugger, it is just the build log). A debugger allows you to step through each line of code and check values there, this will help you find some line that is no behaving as expected. You seem to be using Windows and Visual Studio, so you can see a bit about debugging here: - https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/MSVC-Crash-Debugging (This will give the steps to run the debugger -- you won't get into the "crash step" though) - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/debugger/getting-started-with-the-debugger-cpp?view=vs-2022
  14. I will add some ideas and questions here - Are you on latest herc? - Renewal or Pre-renewal? - Have you tried a clean herc? (This will help solve the question whether it is an Hercules issue or a customization issue) If you change rates back to the original, does something drops? - If it does, maybe there is a bug there... - If it doesn't, ok -- rates shouldn't be the problem Does using mobinfo shows the drops? If it doesn´t, there might be something wrong with your drop loading If a clean herc also shows this problem, we would have to look the entire drop logic (or in case last test is "yes", something specific for bonus calculation), I don't think there are other ways. If a clean herc works fine, you have to debug your customizations. Things to consider: 1. Do you have any installed plugins that affects drops? 2. Do you have scripts that affects drops? 3. If you disable every plugin, does it solve? 4. If you disable your custom NPCs, does it solve? 5. Do you have source changes? If yes, any of them touches drops? this may be the culprit. 6. If none of the above helps, I guess the only way will be to really go into the drop logic and try to find where something is going wrong (debugger may help here) Hope this helps
  15. I would say that possible or impossible really depends on how far you want to go and how much you know about programming / hercules source It is not supported by default. So if you are looking for a config to enable it, the answer is: no, not possible. But we have complete access to Hercules source and database so it is possible to just make a new implementation of a new storage (or modify the existing one) that works based on character, just like we have storage for guilds and for accounts. I don't know if it matters for the client which kind of storage you are using, if it does, just send it as an account storage and should work fine. The server side is what really matters. If you are going forward with the idea of making a new storage, looking into the current storage implementation may serve as an useful reference (I think starting at src/map/storage.c and src/char/int_storage.c would be great starting points)
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