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  1. Dullahan itsa part of teh folklore a.k.a Headless Rider , so it is kinda normal for it to have nothing in teh helmet. for oldschoolers, sprite can be pulled from older clients... source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dullahan
  2. I got mine liked the stickers, T-shirt is kinda OK. But, quality doesn't seem as good as the last year
  3. HukktoberFest This year was a BLAST, I've learned alotta things about GIT & GitHub!
  4. Server very n00b, admin very n00d Good luck! And alotta success bruhh
  5. Habilis is all about CyberSecurity SO, here is an answer of a Hukker Create a SQLView in teh Database https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_view.asp example CREATE VIEW vw_ServerStats AS SELECT ... FROM users WHERE ... LEFT JOIN ... ON ... 2 - Create a SQL user herc_Viewer With the grant to select ONLY on vw_ServerStats That way if an Evil Hukker such as Habilis uploads a WebShell to your shitkoded super sophisticated website and sees your connections string for user herc_Viewer and his password. Habilis will not be able (CREATE, EDIT, DELETE) users Habilis will not be able to CREATE mvp cards and sell them for real money (Habilis's favorite) Habilis will not be able to SELECT user info such as Emails and passwords Only thing Habilis will be able to do is to SELECT info already publically available on your website. Beware of Hukkers, and don't forget to download your internet anonymity!
  6. Yes, if you doing it on windows, it can be.
  7. Was looking for a sprite of a big board. found it with a girl standing in front of it... And fixed it a little bit This might be a release if there is a demand for it. I got another Briliant idea, custom FastTravel system just like in modern games. to be able to fast travel to a location, a player needs to discover that location first. Come to the location and do a quest (or pay) on that location to "open it" and this location will appear in the list of locations available for fast travel. There is a very nice NPC already. That I'm going to call FastTravel
  8. I had this issue with campfires and stuff When you dupe you gottta create a unique NPC name ex from my CampFire NPC sprintf("Campfire#CF_%d", getcharid(CHAR_ID_CHAR)) then you can do setd and getd of setd(sprintf(".@MegaVariable_%d", [unique identifier]))
  9. It is an item so these functions be of help to you if(countitem(.RequiredItem_id) >= .RequiredItem_qty) and delitem(.RequiredItem_id, .RequiredItem_qty);
  10. Linux i. Make sure mapcache in plugins in src/plugins/makefile.in ii. Make sure that in conf/plugins.conf "HPMHooking", - is not commented (remove // before) iii. Make plugins 0. Define datafolder in conf/grf-files.txt ex : data_dir: /home/hercuser/Hercules/conf/client_data 1. Add ".gat", ".gnd", ".rsw" files to clients data folder AND /home/hercuser/Hercules/conf/client_data. 2. Edit "mapnametable.txt" and "resnametable.txt" files in clients data folder AND /home/hercuser/Hercules/conf/client_data. 3. Edit "map_index.txt" in db folder. 4. Edit conf/map/maps.conf 5. cache maps ex: ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --map prontera 6. Add flags/warps/monsters to the map as a script in npc folder For more information you can read a guide written by Myriad
  11. No, sry, this may not be compatible with rAthena. As this script was developed and released for Hercules community.
  12. After the release of the CampFire I decided to make a fishing game. In the official game Client there are already nice fishes released. So, I gathered all 19 of them. And renamed them to English. There is also a very nice NPC sprite in the official Client I borrowed fishing rod sprites from some other server The problem with official fishing rods, is that, they look surprisingly like Whips... http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=fishing+rod&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search I made them wearable and double handed. Then, I found the most interactive fishing game script. Unfortunately, this script is written for rAthena and has major logic issues. But, I managed to make it work on Hercules. Work In Progress... Work In Progress... What is the Ide of Fishing game 3 different fishing rods obtainable by quest Wooden, bamboo, metallic fishing rood with different properties modifying the fish catching process Metallic Fishing Rod can be refined (for better modificators) there is also a 1% risk of losing the Fishing Rod on failure Player can catch Junk - Common item such as Empty Bottle, Jeloppy, Fluff, etc. Item - Not common item that can be fished out of the weater Shoes, Boots, Old Blue Box, Etc. Fish - Very Common (One of the Fishes displayed above) Mermaid - Common , WTF moment, Mermaid will cast a Heal or buff on you and disappear. Fish monster - Not Common, Player Fished out of the water an aggressive monster. (Marc, Swordfish) I'm also planning to give Experience. There will be diffirent fishing spots Around prontera - Fishing spots for beginners, require the wooden fishing rod, lake, river fish can be fished there. Alberta / Comodo - Intermediate fishing spots, require Bamboo fishing rod, Ocean, sea fish can be fished there. (Higher chance to fish out fish monster) Izlude Island (Turtle island) - Advanced fishing spots require Metalic fishing rod, Giant, Legendary fish can be fished there.
  13. There is a small problem some clients cant display it if inside a folder inside /illust But works good if directly inside /illust My client won't ex: /illust/hpbar/0.bmp [won't work] ex: /illust/0_hpbar.bmp [Works]
  14. Habilis

    MAPCACHE plugin

    No, you don't need to be root, the user executing this command, needs to have rights on the folder...
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