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XPRO : cross platform client

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I made 3 days of "real condition" tests with a team of 3 advanced players.

It was successfull, feedbacks were great and they only reported a few bugs in order to play "normally" on a RO server. What a good step !

In parallel, I talked with @Functor about possible Gepard Shield support in XPRO. But as you probably know, including Gepard Shield into Robrowser/AndRO opens a door in your server for bots. And we don't want to break his shield, so I'll work on my own encryption method. It'll be available later on...


Infos will come asap, stay tuned ;) 

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For those who ask some demo/playthrough to see it live or the difference between AndRO and so on..

Here is a playthrough on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android) :



And since 03/01/2020 * iOS version is available ! For the first time ever, you'll be able to play Ragnarok on iPhone and iPad !

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XPRO v3.0 release
Biggest update since the first release.
XPRO v3.0 is out! It contains a lot of interesting features, you can check new landing webpage for it here where features are described with nice animated gifs :

And as a demo :

A small video of new version of XPRO, the famous v3 !
Here you can see :

  1. XPRO starting
  2. XPRO UI language switch
  3. Input the server name you want to play
  4. Loading server informations
  5. Notification pop-up when patcher updates client
  6. Video Background for Login page
  7. Trying to login
  8. You can clean cache and switch on/off video sound
  9. Go back in main page
  10. You can start previous server or switch to another one!

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Is there anyway for fast loading when changing from map to map? or any ready to download cache for all maps? and also having a problem looting items sometimes it takes so much time to loot. Hope you can help me out with this problem.

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