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  1. I think your emulator is set to 'Renewal' settings.
  2. First, you need to set a variable for the F_Rand(). .@Item = F_Rand(656, 657, 505, 645, 506, 14510); getitem .@Item, rand(1,1); announce "[Rika] : "+strcharinfo(PC_NAME)+" get "+getitemname(.@Item)+".",bc_all;
  3. You need a parameter inside the `getitemname` script command. e.g. getitemname(Red_Potion) will show "Red Potion".
  4. Hi looking for a partner for the Ragnarok Project I have a hosting for 4 months bogged down I kept 3 projects at the moment I moved to a new computer and new computer so there is nothing ....... If you are interested write

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