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[Showcase] Custom mob HP bar

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With the usage of HatEffects(.str files) and source editing I was able to create a new mob HP bar with a more modern look to it. ;] Even add different color and effects to MVP and Minibosses...
Since it uses hateffect lua files i found some limitations regarding the ID(dunno if client locked)... wich is bad ;/ it also uses a huge amount of str effects since you need 1 for each hp stage... I did mine with 20 different bar %...


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2 hours ago, saschool said:

i want data plz


It's not only data modification but a whole lot of code behind it ^^ just to clarify. 

Forgot i posted this here. Ive done a bunch of iterations on this project.
The coding part is very easy, You could just change the clif_ where the original HP is updated checking for mob hp and load the hateffect id on the mob....

I think the most dificult part is .lua + design of the bars itself.


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