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Problems when modifying homunculus sprite.


I'm trying to make a completelly different entry of homunculus in the game, but using already existing possible homunculus ids to achieve that.

The problem is that even if I change the sprite name at jobname.lub, the game still loads the default sprite of the character.

At first, I thought It was because I were actually using the Mercenary sprites (I were using Sword Mercenary 4 entry), but after changing the id of the homunculus to the ID of Eira, then changing her sprite file name in jobname.lub, the game still loads her sprite.


Just for testing, I were trying to load "NINE_TAIL" sprite file, and the GRF with the jobname.lub is at the top of the grf load order (Beside even at the bottom It still doesn't load). I copied the id from the Nine Tail entry on the same file.



Ps:. I'm using a ready to go ragnarok server and client, even more since I can't compile the server codes, so this is the only way I found right now.


Edit:. Photo of the result.



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I thought that It was because of the grf, until I noticed that the game were actually reading my data folder, so I don't really think I need the grf file anymore, so I'm using the data folder now.


I tried to rename the jobname.lub to jobname.lua, and It didn't worked either.


Neither creating a copy of the Nine Tail sprite files and changing the name to the file of the mercenary sprite helped either, even If I placed on the same directory as the original.


I'm running out of ideas.

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