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  1. Back then, I made this script when I was quite into Granado Espada Online. It adds a npc script that kind of implements he promotion ranks of the game, so when the character reaches max level, they can take the promotion ranks, and grind further to make the character stronger. Due to the time I made this script, some codes and stuff may have changed. Also, I had to take the liberty of translating the script to english, and tried fixing some issues with the code. Bizarrelly, back then I think I predicted that the game would have 5 promotion ranks, so I changed the names of post Master level promotions, to match the ones from GE. I also took the liberty of trying to readjust and change a few things on the code, to fix some redundancy, unnecessary extra grind, and codes that would never trigger due to the promotion ranks. Also, when the player reaches Grand Master 10, they will get "[MvP]" on their name. I do recommend reviewing the code and/or tweak the script if you want to try it out on your server, even more since at least on renewal, it has been quite a long time since level 99 was the final level. I hope this end up being useful. 100_promotion.txt
  2. That's actually cool. I wonder if It could offer an additional functional use when making npc scripts. Like for example, locating players.
  3. Nevermind that, I already did the changes on the code to several ifs/else ifs.
  4. Seems like I'll have to, then. 😕
  5. I had quite a surprise, when I found out that switch only works for integer variables, and not for string. Someone knows if there's an alternative command that allows me to do that?
  6. The post you made with the solution to the skill crashing works, so I've been able to change class. And my server is pre-renewal, so It should be using the old izlude stuff. Edit:. I think I found the solution to my mapcache issue. I'll need to test that, though. Edit:. It works, I can walk through Izlude again. Just place that file he offers inside maps/pre-re and Izlude will be walkable again. Feel free to give a like or upvote on the guy who posted the old izlude map btw, and give a downvote to the guy bellow his post.
  7. Someone has found a workaround for the issue, I just needed to install the renewal data to make It work, beside that will also bring up issues with skill description, but I have an idea of how to solve that.
  8. That actually works, beside a few infos will be incorrect client-wise, like some item descriptions. At least is a lot better than being unable to open skill window.
  9. It didn't worked. I'm still crashing even after installing that on my client. Btw, I'm using pre-renewal version, since my server is also pre-renewal.
  10. I'm trying to use the latest ro offline pack, but the problem is that the game crashes whenever I try opening the skill window. The client being used by the pack is "2020-04-01b". I tried peeking at the grf of the pack, and thought maybe the issue was because data/lua files/skillinfoz/skillinfolist.lub was all kinda messed up, with commas in places they shouldn't, but even when I replaced the file with the one I fixed, the crashes continues, unless I missed a stray comma. Anyone knows why this crash is popping up?
  11. The issue of not being able to open the skill window literally locked the game to me. I'm bound to be a novice forever this way lol. Also, Pre-Renewal Izlude still has pathing problems.
  12. Little info here: If you're planning on adventuring into creating your own custom executable for your server, enable "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" on Nemo, and set It's value to "System/itemInfo.lua" (without "). If you don't do that, you not only will receive errors when opening the executable, but most of the items will give errors and not load.
  13. Yeah, but those changes are actually to stimulate playing in a group, so the character is not 100% self sufficient, and other people may be necessary to do game content (even more end game).
  14. Before I delete the emulator files, I'll post these here: I did an experiement on my offline pre renewal server, to see how the classes would react if the skills had cooldown on them. Based on my testing, that would make the game require more multiplayer gameplay, and less potion chugging. I were unable to test deeper this because... Well... I were playing alone, so the skills were being kind of a hinderance for my gameplay. But I have to say, It made the classes felt more complementary, even more the Mage class. I were only able to add actual cooldowns to the first class skills, If you're interessed in trying, you can simply copy the cooldown of the skills bellow to your db/(your server type)/skill_db.txt file (cooldown in miliseconds, you may copy right away the value). Be sure to backup the file first. SM_BASH: 18000 SM_PROVOKE: 1000 SM_MAGNUM: 22000 SM_ENDURE: 10000 MG_SIGHT: 6000 MG_NAPALMBEAT: 3000 MG_SOULSTRIKE: 3500 MG_COLDBOLT: 12000 MG_FROSTDIVER: 9000 MG_STONECURSE: 16000 MG_FIREBALL: 7500 MG_FIREWALL: 4000 MG_FIREBOLT: 12000 MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT: 4000 //Probably better to set to 12000, like Firebolt and Coldbolt MG_THUNDERSTORM: 12000 //Maybe 18000? AL_RUWACH: 6000 AL_PNEUMA: 8000 AL_TELEPORT: 20000 AL_WARP: 30000 AL_HEAL: 4000 => 3000 AL_INCAGI: 3000 AL_DECAGI: 6000 => 4000 AL_CRUCIS: 7500 AL_ANGELUS: 13000 => 7000 AL_BLESSING: 7500 => 2500 AL_CURE: 5000 => 2000 MC_MAMMONITE: 15000 AC_CONCENTRATION: 12000 AC_DOUBLE: 22000 AC_SHOWER: 16500 TF_STEAL: 7500 => 3000 (What were I thinking?) TF_POISON: 17000 Some of those cooldown values may not be good for gameplay in group, so you may try readjusting them. Just keep on mind that the skills have to be useful, but not extremelly dependable, when readjusting the cooldown values.
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