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Map Files with RSM2 extension.


Hello everyone, Hello Hercules Community.

Recently, maps nif_dun01 and nif_dun02 have been added to the KRO.

and I was particularly in love with them, because I really like the Nifheim theme...

mapa 1.jpgMapa 2.jpg

When trying to add the these maps, I always encounter a Textures / Models error and right after this i receive one Gravity Error.


so I went to find the solution to this problem and try to solve it in all ways ...


I encountered the following problem: all Model files that are used on these maps have the RSM2 extension...

GRF editor File.jpg


While doing some research...


I found that these files are only read by Clients 2020 +..

My server is 2019/09 and I definitely can't transfer my server to a client 2020+, due to the extreme amount of errors in the process...



Anyone, could tell me if there is a way to make these RSW2 files become RSW1 and work on conventional clients?


Note: Browedit cannot read these maps due to the same reason ...



The only way to open these maps was: remove all the Models in Grf Tool  - Flat Map... ->

screen 3.jpg





The real Map on KRO ->

screen 1.jpg





The Map Preview om GRF Editor->


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this errors mean you have too old client


you can use 2019 clients. starting from 2019-10-02cRagexe or 2019-03-06bRagexeRE.


probably about 2020 clients people talked because rathena oficially support only some versions from 2018 and 2020 clients, without any from 2019.


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Is there no option in Hexed for using RSM2?

I updated my client to ~ 2020 (06/07/08) and the error continued.

Servers like Nova and Shining Moon use maps with these models, which makes me believe that this can be added on the client perhaps?

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if error continue you using too old exe or something broken in your maps.

also exists somewhere converted rsm2 to rsm, but probably with some issues.


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The >UPDATES< about my case:

with the most recents files with KRO - November 2020 - like i say above.. i'm try to implemented the maps NIF_DUN01 and NIF_DUN02.



Link: Map in KRO  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipiYKyPtKf8



I will tell step by step what I did to try to make it work..


to try to make it work I did the standard procedure..

the MCHACHE files was generated ... and then placed in their respective folder \hercules\maps\pre-re or re\



after... the maps was add on \conf\map\maps.conf



after.. the maps was add on \Hercules\db\map_index



when tried open in game the >CLIENT CRASH<.






was identified above ... the maps use RSM2 files and this maybe cause the client crash..
after this i tried to convert all RSM2 files to RSM files.. and i did it..



files in GRF rsm2.jpg



files in GRF rsm.jpg



After this convert process i use the HEXADECIMAL EDITOR.. 


With him is possible to change the nif_dun01 or 02.RSW file without damaging it.


The hard job is: found all rsm2 files inside the codes and trade to rsm extension.

Changing the CODES [ 72 73 6D 32] to [ 72 73 6D 00]






AFTER finish this... i put the RSW files inside GRF and checked if everything was normal.


The Grf Read perfectly all files:


Files with RSM2 extension ->



Files with converted RSM files. work's perfectly->



AFTER doing all this steps i made one personal GRF.


- The maps NIF_DUN01 and NIF_DUN02 edited on Hexadecimal Editor  (rsm2 -> rsm)

- All models that are used by the New Nif maps... converted (rsm2 -> rsm)

- All textures used in the process.

- Link to Download GRF: https://www.4shared.com/file/mIGedibHea/nifgrf.html


This GRF was cited first inside the DATA.INI





After ALL this steps when tried to open MAPS in game the >CLIENT CRASH<




ALL THESE SAME STEPS WAS MADE BEFORE WITH MAP "ba_lost" which uses RSM2 files to.... and >WORKED<





I came to the conclusion that these MAPS are not yet released to us (Western) as of the current November 2020 date.

My client as mentioned in the post above is 2019-06-26. And I tried it with clients after July 2020, (When these maps arrived at KRO), and it didn't work to.


If anyone else wants to try or can help me with them I would be very grateful.


Basically everything I tried was cited in this post.






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Thank you soo much for converting these models!
However, they don't work either in browedit 1 or 2 ><;
At first, I thought that as usual, the problem lied in the Version numbers. So I hexed them:

This is because Browedit, specially 586, has trouble reading other version numbers. And this is necessary because it's the only version of Browedit that can save the Quadtree of the map properly.
However, this didn't fix the problem, it rather made the models unusable even in GRF Editor:

So, I tried opening the non-modified converted models in Browedit 2's Bromedit (which is a program that modifies models), and I get this error:

I think the reason is that rsm 2 files use the textures very differently to rsm 1 files.
For instance, some of the models in ilusion, upon being converted, had several "repeated textures", which also didn't work well in browedit and sometimes crashed in RO itself.

It'd be very nice if you could look into it in your converted models, please!
I hope this helps! Have a wonderful week x3

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Oh actually, I realized that the rsm2 models aren't converted into rsm, they only have their extension changed.
Because they have exactly the same size as files, when they should be different. They're 2 completely different file formats ><
Even converted models from ilusion have some problems, As Tokei stated in https://rathena.org/board/topic/127587-rsm2-file-format/, it's not possible to entirely convert a rsm2 model properly, it only works in a few cases.
(His post is quite useful though!)
So I think the only good solutions are:
For clients: To work with the most recent ones, so they can open and use rsm2 models themselves.
For map makers:
To wait for a solution for Browedit 2 so it can add and use rsm2 models (however, this program is still uncomplete and has several errors to be solved, if ever!).
Make models in a 3D making program and make use of the textures provided in the last official GRF updates.
Have a wondeful day! o/

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Recently I'm mapping that use a lot of palace things and found that the new niflheim map models just retextured the old things or did just little remodeling.

It can be considered as a mirrored death version of live world palaces. Or just a lazy work 😂

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