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Where do I put these so they work?

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I am very new to this, so please forgive my ignorance...


I would like to implement the three following items, but I don't know where to put the files so they work. Neither of Ragno's two posts details where to install the files. In the 2020 that I'm running, I got Gramps to show up via Ragnarok Offline\01_emulator\hercules_re\npc\re\ scripts and removed the slashes at "npc/re/quests/eden/eden_iro.txt" under iRO custom additions. but Gramps doesn't work. He gives his first 2 dialog boxes and that's it. I'm Base Level 97, lvl 70 is when it should start working.


I'm running 2020 from anacondaq's post.



What I'd like to implement are Ragno's iRO Weekly Turn-In Event - Gramps NPC


and Ragno's iRO Bounty Board Quest




Also, I'm having trouble with getting Eden's Mission Quest boards to work for levels 100-140. They are in the quest scripts in 2020 but do not appear to be working as they are not appearing anywhere in Eden. I have seen this post:


and where it directs you:


These files are in 2020 but do not appear to be working properly.


Thank you in advance for your help!


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