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  1. Thanks, you're probably right in the reason, I was running localhost windows and we rented an ubuntu vps. But autoreconf didn't work. What worked was using VS Community with this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/linux/download-install-and-setup-the-linux-development-workload?view=msvc-170
  2. Hello to all. I'm trying to compile hercules on ubuntu 20.04 to play with some friends, but i'm having trouble when i run ./configure. . checking whether gcc supports -std=c11... yes checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... no ./configure: line 5184: syntax error near unexpected token `fi' ./configure: line 5184: `fi' I already tried deleting configure and running autoconf and generate new configure, i tried going to previous hercules to find some old configure, but i think they dont change much... i tried a lot of modifications in the script and I couldn't go beyond this point. If someone has a clue, please let me know. Thanks in advance. Is around here, somewhere: if ac_fn_c_try_run "$LINENO"; then : ac_cv_c_bigendian=no else ac_cv_c_bigendian=yes fi rm -f core *.core core.conftest.* gmon.out bb.out conftest$ac_exeext \ conftest.$ac_objext conftest.beam conftest.$ac_ext fi fi fi { $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: result: $ac_cv_c_bigendian" >&5 ##THIS IS THE LINE 5184 OF THE ERRORR### $as_echo "$ac_cv_c_bigendian" >&6; } case $ac_cv_c_bigendian in #( yes) as_fn_error $? "bigendian is not supported... stopping" "$LINENO" 5;; #( no) ;; #( universal) $as_echo "#define AC_APPLE_UNIVERSAL_BUILD 1" >>confdefs.h ;; #( *) { $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: WARNING: unable to determine endianess, only little endian is supported" >&5 $as_echo "$as_me: WARNING: unable to determine endianess, only little endian is supported" >&2;} ;; esac
  3. I think you should clean the project and recompile your server and all plugins in the new OS.
  4. https://board.herc.ws/topic/16607-ragnarok-offline-newbie-pack-2022-make-your-ro-server-in-less-then-5-minutes/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-113958
  5. folder npc/ check scripts.conf and all scripts_*.conf, you can enable stuff by removing the // from the line beginning.
  6. Eu fiz uma versão mais otimizada, se alguém quiser. Também suporta os baby e 3rd job, alem do código ta mais limpo e funcional. prontera,148,166,3 script Plagiador 2_M_SAGE_OLD,{ mes "[ ^ff0000Plagiador^000000 ]"; if(Class != 17 && Class != 4018 && Class != 4072 && Class != 4079 && Class != 4040 && Class != 4108) { mes "Desculpe, só ofereço meu serviço a arruaceiros e evoluções."; close; } set .@PlagioZeny,5000; // Custo de zeny cobrado pelo NPC mes "Posso plagiar uma habilidade para você por "+ .@PlagioZeny +" Zenys."; next; switch(select("[+]Eu quero!:[-]Cancelar")) { case 1: next; mes "[ ^ff0000Plagiador^000000 ]"; if (Zeny < .@PlagioZeny) { mes "Desculpe, você não tem zeny suficiente"; close; } mes "Qual habilidade deseja plagiar?"; mes "OBS1: ^ff0000Tenha esquiva menor que 230 para evitar Miss.^000000"; mes "OBS2: ^ff0000Fique perto do NPC para skills sem target.^000000"; next; switch(select("Impacto de Tyr:Esfera d'Água:Grande Floco de Neve:Fogo Grego:Lâmina de Vento:Lança Congelante:Pétalas de Flamejantes:Terror Ácido:Cancelar")) { case 1: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 62, 10, 99, 99; close; case 2: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 86, 5, 99, 99; close; case 3: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 539, 5, 99, 99; close; case 4: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 229, 5, 99, 99; close; case 5: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 540, 10, 99, 99; close; case 6: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 537, 10, 99, 99; close; case 7: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 534, 10, 99, 99; close; case 8: Zeny -= .@PlagioZeny; npcskill 230, 5, 99, 99; close; case 9: close; } case 2: close; } }
  7. Like is said there // // Structure of Database: // Max Level,Class list,Type,Exp for Lv 1,2,3,...,200 Each comma is one different, in your case 250 < is the max level 4252:4253:4254:4255:4256:4257:4258:4259:4260:4261:4262:4263:4264:4278:4279:4280:4281:4302:4303:4304:4305:4306:4307:4308:4316 < all of those are separated by : and not comma, so all of those is the next thing in // Max Level,Class list,Type,Exp for Lv 1,2,3,...,200 wich means they are all the classes (by ID), you can add the :superNoviceID in the end of this list, before the next comma, so it would apply this table for the class. Just make sure to search the whole doccument with CTRL+F to erase the ID from other exp tables, each class must be in one level and one job only, I don't know what can happen if you leave in more places... Aand then rest of the numbers, as the Structure says, is the exp for level 1, exp for level 2.... until 200. if you change your level to over 200, you also need to add more numbers in the end there with the exp required for the new levels over 200.
  8. the level can only go as far as the exp table allows it...
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