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Hi Guys ! 🖐️

I come to present to you one of my big Mapping project that i've finished. 🔥

It's a project inspired by the game Final Fantasy XV (some will surely like). 

Altissia is a beautiful map in FFXV and Galdina is a beautiful and heavenly place.
so i wanted to create these maps in my own way for our wonderful game Ragnarok Online! 💙


I let you watch the videos below or the screenshots to get an overview of the project 

there are 10 maps for the total pack : 

▫️3 maps for building interiors,

▫️1 dungeon with two floor,
▫️1 vending map,
▫️1 Arena, 
▫️Modified Alberta


📄What is in the .rar file: 

▫️ Read me File (to tell you how to install everything provided like in my video)
▫️ Maps
▫️ BGM
▫️ Scripts
▫️ Customs Textures
▫️ Other




You should know that the project took me a long time, more than a month in total. 
 Be indulgent
 Do not steal my work, don't claim it's yours.



🔸putting a "like" on the video,
🔸React & give your opinion on my work
🔸buy the project
🔸Buy me a coffee : 




all the information and my works are present on my discord.

If you are interested
If you like my work 

If you want talk about Mapping 

Join my Discordhttps://discord.gg/fmSbTy3x6h







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