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  1. Hi Guys ! 🖐️ I come to present to you one of my big Mapping project that i've finished. 🔥 It's a project inspired by the game Final Fantasy XV (some will surely like). Altissia is a beautiful map in FFXV and Galdina is a beautiful and heavenly place. so i wanted to create these maps in my own way for our wonderful game Ragnarok Online! 💙 ⚡I let you watch the videos below or the screenshots to get an overview of the project ⚡ there are 10 maps for the total pack : ▫️Altissia ▫️3 maps for building interiors, ▫️Galdina ▫️1 dungeon with two floor, ▫️1 vending map, ▫️1 Arena, ▫️Modified Alberta 📄What is in the .rar file: ▫️ Read me File (to tell you how to install everything provided like in my video) ▫️ Maps ▫️ BGM ▫️ Scripts ▫️ Customs Textures ▫️ Other 🏞️SCREENSHOTS : https://bluff-ro.artstation.com/projects/6beYNw ⚠️INFORMATIONS: ✅You should know that the project took me a long time, more than a month in total. ✅ Be indulgent ⛔Do not steal my work, don't claim it's yours. ☀️SUPPORT MY WORK: 🔸putting a "like" on the video, 🔸React & give your opinion on my work 🔸buy the project 🔸Buy me a coffee : https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=Q4T6KSYZBPYY8 CONTACTS : all the information and my works are present on my discord. If you are interested If you like my work If you want talk about Mapping Join my Discord : https://discord.gg/fmSbTy3x6h VIDEO:
  2. Bluff

    Sky Prontera

    Hi Guys ! 🖐️ I present to you my new project: Sky Prontera I let you watch the videos below or the screenshots to get an overview of the project ! 📽️ ⚠️If you are interested or if you want see other maps ⚠️ ➡️ Join my Discord & Send me a message : https://discord.gg/fmSbTy3x6h 🖼️- SCREENSHOTS : https://bluff-ro.artstation.com/projects/LeWX2K 📢 INFORMATIONS 🔴 DO NOT steal my work, it takes hours, days, sometimes weeks to be made, don't claim it yours. 🔴 DO NOT redistribute my work. 🔵 If you find any errors contact me so i can correct and update the project 🔵Be indulgent, I'm not a professional, it's a passion above all ☀️You can support my work : Putting a "like" on the video React & give your opinion on my work Buy the project Buy me a coffee : https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=Q4T6KSYZBPYY8
  3. Hi Everyone ! 🖐️ I come to show you my work. I'm Bluff, I've been making maps for a few years. I have been a mapper on several servers. 🔵i propose my work on my discord : https://discord.gg/fmSbTy3x6h 🔵If you want see screenshot, you can click here : https://www.artstation.com/bluff-ro 🔴I have a youtube channel where I show each map I create: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClkBPBpxlV58i2UUJ_IG_GQ if you are interested, if you have idea, if you need help, contact me. Hope you like my work. Thanks 🎇 Love RO 💙 altissia.bmp galdina.bmp gald_dun01.bmp ISLAND.bmp sky_prt.bmp
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