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Is it possible to inject modification to the main data as modlet?

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Hi, new here and new to coding.


1) Using 7D2D modding format. where it is possible to loan the main game separately, and after that, inect individual modlet to the main loaded data, over-writing them.


2) Where is the exp per mob/ mob spawn rate/ npc/ map/ skill desription/ skill formula/ portal located at? in the main data GRF.  

*Planning to add/modified a map/ sawn rate/ add new npc/ skill etc.


3) I had downloaded the offline package of RO from [http://https//board.herc.ws/topic/16607-ragnarok-offline-newbie-pack-2022-make-your-ro-server-in-less-then-5-minutes/], where is the player' data saved at? And it is possible to lan with friends after?



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Hello and welcome :)


1. I am not sure what you meant or what to answer... If you are asking whether there is an injector ready to use (I think 7 days to day uses BepInEx?) the answer is not really. You can use NEMO to inject windows DLLs, but this is just basic DLL injection. Anything you want to do you are on your own. Talking about RO this is very low level stuff that only a few people know and maybe it is not what you are looking for...


2. Most of this stuff is server sided (a.k.a. in Hercules folders). The GRF will only keep resource files and some lua files will batch some info like map path and descriptions. But exp tables and etc are server sided. For your plans, I think most of the things will be done in Hercules and client lua files, I am not a pro in custom skills though.


3. Player data is saved in you SQL database. Should be possible to play in LAN with some configuration in your clientinfo and hercules files (conf folder)

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