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[Guide] Documentation about Map & 3D development

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Thanks for your interest in this guide. The main purpose of all these lines is, to have an -advance level- resource for those guys that wish to go further with their map creations.


This guide will cover a useful amount of guides that has never been out there before. This is a compilation of things I have learned so far until this day;  there is more mapping than just learning browedit!


Please... Don't ask for support if you have not fullfilled the previous points I'm listing here.


Another point: This guide will not contain links to download copyright software. Here, I will only list the software you will need to follow the video tutorials I will add... it is up to you too obtain this software by purchasing it, or Google it.


P.S.: Forget my english in some videos :P I talk spanish natively.



GR2 Granny Custom 3D models in RO

Watch in Full Screen at 1080p




"An example of how you can add your own custom 3D GR2 models as mobs in Ragnarok Online just like the WoE Guardians or the emperium. You can add them as mobs, or even as NPC.


Software Requirements:

Granny Pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52175822/Granny.rar

Granny Converter: http://rathena.org/board/files/file/3022-granny-converter-by-ricky92/

Umodel: http://www.gildor.org/downloads

ActorXImporter: http://www.gildor.org/projects/unactorx

RO2 GoTW: https://mega.co.nz/#F!tQwyQCTD!JNEehQnbvdl6Ww5JYo3Kcg


If you want to only do a quick test maybe you can download directly the Mejonora already extracted: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52175822/mejonora_test.rar


Tips & Troubleshoting:

FBX to RSM Animated Models

Watch in Full Screen at 1080p





"Importing and doing your

own animated RSM Models

now it is possible.."


Software Requirements:

RSMConverter 3.0 by  ---> LINK

FBX Converter 2013.3 by Autodesk ---> LINK

3DS Max 2013 or More



RSW and GND Maps into FBX

Watch in Full Screen at 1080p





"Think about the possibilities you can have

by importing whole Ragnarok Maps

and be able to edit them with the all powerful

3DS Max design tool" ... transform ground shapes,

into complex structures with curves presents for ex.

modify vertices structures of map areas, etc."



Software Requirements:


FBX Converter by Autodesk LINK

3DS Max 2012 or More


Importing and Editing RSM Models into 3DS

Watch in Full Screen at 1080p




"You might know that it is possible to Import 3DS to RSM ...

But how about the reverse of this? In this tutorial you will learn

How to Import RSM to 3DS And open your possibilities

to do complex editions to default Ragnarok Models"


Software Requirements:


3D Object Converter any version.

3DS Max 7 or more. I use ver 9 here.



I will try to keep this tutorial updated. Volume 1 is ready, and Volume 2 is under progress... Any Inquiries, suggestion or... thanks! are very well appreciated, and will keep me motivated to add more and more videos of all of these things I have learned in years with a lot of effort!.


Thanks to all and don't forget to follow this thread. Have a nice day.~

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