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  1. ossi0110


    yes we all miss youuuu
  2. i got a weird Problem and cant figure out why i use @Asheraf's Recommended Data Folder Client Date: 2018-02-13aRagexeRE @4144's NEMO Updated Hercules Latest Updated KRO if i Use Langtype 0 he still complains about a Lua Error for External Settings Lub if i use Langtype 1 and servicetype america in the sclientinfo.xml and change the lua folder to service_america or service_usa and the same with the external settings lub he allways complains about the LUA error i have no clue why its not working maybe anyone got a idea and yes i use the Diff for the Load External Settings on All Langtyps <servicetype>america</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <langtype>1</langtype> </connection>
  3. hi good day do you know how to setup ROBROWSER i will pay for the setup thanks and have a nice day!

  4. the Problem is the Starter Equip the server handels out on char creation when you create a Human char he Puts the Dagger into the Char and Equips it , when you create a Doram he wants to put the dagger into the Doram too but a Doram is not allowed to Equip it , thats why you get a timeout and cant login after char creation the first time. remove the Dagger from starter equip , or make the Dagger usabell for Dorams too that will fix the problem
  5. the LVL Caps of the cart are hardcoded into the exe you need to hex your exe and change the lvl
  6. there you go , all you need.....
  7. ossi0110

    Configure reward

    //== Set Winning Party Rewards ==// set $@reward_winitem_qnty,1; // Important, set to how many reward items you set below for the winning party setarray $@win_itemid[0],501; // Set the item id of the reward item setarray $@win_itemname$[0],"Red Potion"; // Set the name of the reward item setarray $@win_itemnum[0],5;
  8. The Problem is not the PaymentNotifyRequest.php its the file what the Request is calling line 417 from checking the Herc FLux CP your PayPal log file dont got write permission the log files are located in /logs/transactions be sure the paypal log file got the correct permission
  9. is it possibel that you use a exe 2015-06+ ?? witch exe date is your server using ?
  10. Updated the Plugin to work on Recent Herc Version. Just wait till a mod approves it then you can download it
  11. can u post your whole map zone conf file ?
  12. if you using linux be sure to install this install gd gd-devel php-gd
  13. and where is problem ? he didnt claimed the copyright on the images since they are just rip offs, and as he said his Client requested the design coding only and not creating of the images. and about " Ripped Stuff & Work of others" i bet 10 USD if i buy your full Instance pack now it will contain the Maps from Syouji or other designers since they are part of your Instances. so you doing exaclty the same you sell the work of others inside your package.
  14. the LUA files you need to edit are INSIDE the NEMO folder in the SUPPORT folder, add yiur changes into them and merge them into your GRF
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