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    Hello community, I'm here to say that I'm really disappointed with Daifuku. Between all the users that participated I was the one who won it, but I never got the prize. Now here are the facts: Daifuku posted on May 2 the winner (me), but I got sick in May (yes, literally the whole month sick) and I only saw I won around day 24 of May. I then contacted him through Discord to claim the prize, he replied me he was on vacation and would be back around 22 of June. I waited till now and did not get the prize. I understand we all have personal issues, but I at least expected you to be kind and say that you'd give the prize anyways, which you did not. Now I'm really impressed to see that he actually DELETED the topic "Graphics Giveaway" of which he created. and by the way, on his last post on that topic he said that he would hold ANOTHER "Graphics giveaway" this month. Unbelievable...You do not deserve to be in this position of Graphic Moderator. Hercules deserves better than you, Daifuku. Screenshots:
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