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  1. This is the HUSS diff that is compatible for latest herc, I am using this fine from my server. Just get the sql-updates and config files from the git. storage_diff.diff
  2. vBrenth

    Item Restriction

    You can use isequippedcnt Like this? { Id: 2629 AegisName: "Magingiorde" Name: "Megingjard" Type: "IT_ARMOR" Buy: 20 Weight: 8000 Def: 2 Loc: "EQP_ACC" EquipLv: 94 Refine: false Script: <" if (isequippedcnt(2629)<2) { bonus bStr,40; bonus bMdef,7; } "> },
  3. I know some people that are interested on this project but the payment method limits us from supporting. Also is there any target amount for it to get released?
  4. I think ExtendedBG only supports eAmodBG, the KVM mode is a official mode. Maybe you can add a tweak to make it compatible with ExtendedBG.
  5. Most of the cases. But not only the developer sometimes the owner take advantage of developers works. Most of the private server modified their setup from /conf/battle such as custom drop rates / exp rates / other modification. Item implementation and also custom NPC's. If there's some scam reports, hacking incidents and other things Yes. Or if you are watching your GM activities too. You can hire a developer depends on what you need. If you know how to setup the server then you don't need to give them an access. a.) Your developer will only send you the script/src/files you asked. And you are the one who will install it to the server. b.) If you hire a developer and you have 0% knowledge then there's a chance that your question #1 will happen. Yes, they do have access. Just a tip. Do not host your server to any RO-hosting, pick something like popular one. Digitalhosting, OVH, Usdedicated or NFOserver This is very tricky. If your server is doing fine without getting DDoS you can just host it 4-8gb Ram server and cheap hosting but good speed such as nfoserver and digitalhosting. Server host: around 20-200$ again depends on what your server need. Website host/forum: 5~20$ this is pretty much the same. You can buy a monthly web hosting or yearly (for cheaper price). Gameguard: Gepard shield. 150$ for basic Gepard Shield. functor also offers some addons such as aura/color nick and lgp. Developer: depends on the agreement. Advertisements: Depends on how big the server you want to be. ------------------------------------- Good tips.
  6. I think someone made it already here in the forum as addon/plugin or is it in rathena?
  7. No other actual fix on this? Just removing the lines? Hmm.
  8. What about /monsterhp command?>
  9. Edit: Its broken again on the latest version. @AnnieRuru
  10. So as bugs, everytime i updated my rAthena new bug comes, alot of pre-renewal formulas is broken. (can be fix by reverting ALOT of commits).
  11. I'm currently patreoning this project as i have Aeva panel myself and cannot continue it, I will support other projects. We need new awesome CP!
  12. Hmm, Edit: Solved Was my data.grf (got corrupted)
  13. His code always 10/10 works for me Glad your back
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