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  1. Updated to 2.7.0, adds support for deleting files, obfuscated config, more flexible patch list paths, improved UI accessibility, ja_JP localization and fixes a bunch of community reported bugs.
  2. Updated to 2.6.0, fixes, among others, various UI issues and enables audio-only background media.
  3. Updated to 2.5.0, adds mouse-over effect to buttons (review your skins) and fixes, among others, the patcher dead-locking when being closed during patching. There are two new localizations available, ar_EG and pt_BR. Do you want to translate Elurair into your language? Check out the dedicated discord channel for details.
  4. Updated to 4.1.5, fixes reusage of waste in GRF archives was not enabled (ever since its introduction in 4.0.0). Depending on amount of wasted space, some archives may shrink in response to being updated. It also fixes the /testpak command reporting Sakray/Test archives as corrupted. Updated to 4.1.6, fixes mirror server fallback from a different mirror server not working correctly.
  5. Updated to 2.3.0, adds 3rd party patch server progress limiting and ability to use videos as background.
  6. Updated to 2.1.0, adds support for ZIP archives and reflects builder and configuration improvements based on community feedback. Updated to 2.2.0, adds support for self-updating and fixes ZIP archives would not be extracted.
  7. Elurair already supports updating encrypted GRFs/GPFs (such as SecureGRF). Normally there is no added benefit to using Thor files other than compatibility with previous patcher, since Thor files are not encrypted as far as I know. 2022-01-22: - ZIP support complete - RAR is held until I'm bored enough to enter that source code abyss and figure out, how to make it open something other than files
  8. Yes, this belongs to the same group of software as Thor Patcher. If there will be interest for that, there can be support for THOR files, too. Currently it can only work with GPF and RGZ.
  9. Both formats will need some work. Originally I thought, RAR might be easier, but turns out, unrar expects a physical file, rather than an arbitrary data stream (patches are only offloaded to disk, if the OS deems that necessary). There are also few the problems with RAR6, but should be fixable in a way or another. ZIP should be relatively easy. There won't be support for password-protection and encryption.
  10. The project has been released as "Elurair", so this topic can be closed.
  11. Elurair Patching Launcher (RO Patcher Lite+ROCred Merge) About Universal auto-patcher for all your updating needs combined with a launcher, which is fully skinnable, highly customizable and easy on resources. It is free of any cost and works on every 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft* Windows* platform. How this came to be: Future of ROCred and RO Patcher Lite Known Issues None. FAQ Q: Does the patcher support encrypted GRFs? A: Yes, common GRF encryption schemes are supported. Q: Can I use the Patcher part without the Launcher part? A: Yes, the Launcher mechanics and UI can be disabled in configuration. Q: Can I use the Launcher part without the Patcher part? A: Yes, remove all Patcher sections from the configuration. Download & Website http://ai4rei.net/p/skal License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License.
  12. RAGP Extractor About Rudimentary command-line tool to extract RAGP files (such as the assets in Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising). Usage unragp <file> Extracts <file> into current directory. Known Issues Because I wrote it on a whim to check out Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising game resources, there are no error messages. Either the program ends in OK or NG. Download Find attached. Source for reference: https://github.com/ai4rei/unragp License CC0 1.0 Universal 2021-12-27ragp-1.0.zip
  13. Updated to, adds proper support for kRO Zero, among others.
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