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  1. hi @Naruto do you have tutorial for the animations commands and controls from the UI of strviewer?
  2. Hi there, i use this source for getting mac_address and use ROcred i'm requesting custom command getmacaddress(<account_id>) for my custom source script thank you in advance
  3. Hi herc is there a way to remove or hide those in red marks content i try to hex it using hxd but i only got the graphics direction of those two and didn't hide it can someone help
  4. Hi hercules, Request : - Can i request a script that gives 5 different items in a array. Example : - i got setarray .@item_ids, 501,502,503,504,505,506,507,508,509,510; Randomly give 5 different items on that array at the sametime Thank you in advance.
  5. is there a way to remove snow on lutie maps?
  6. hi @Neo, Sorry to bother you again, i'm really really sorry. I updated my client to 2015-11-04aRagexe but those 2 Patches does not work on my client. Custom Job : after launching the client, client crash Custom Aura Limits : after loading the map, client crash heres the client i used : [post=http://ragemu.org/board/files/file/5-2015-11-04aragexe-client-unmodified/]2015-11-04aRagexe[/post]
  7. @@Neo Hi my client (2015-09-16aRagexe) crash after i patch "Use Custom Aura Limits" please help
  8. thank you so much it perfectly work
  9. hi sir i tried the latest patch of nemo but i still got error when i try to login and in service select my client crashed this is the client i used 2015-09-16aRagexe.rar
  10. Thankyou for your reply ill wait for the next update hope nemo fix this soon
  11. is there anyway i can create custom job for client 2015-09-16a i use nemo's patcher with custom job enable but i got error in service selection is someone got 2015-09-16a with custom job enabled?
  12. i tried it to 2015-09-16aRagexe but when im in the "Select Service" my client crash help
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