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  1. Why not make a section for recording releases, that way we can start seeing people posting npc / quests replays. Just run your client with -Replay parameter. You can convert it to video file only by playing replay in your client and recording its screen.. ​Why not just record the screen while taking the QUEST or using the NPC haha. Skip the client replay system entirely. (Windows 10 also has a built-in Game DVR capabilities, so I recommend that ) ​I'm willing to help scripting the quests as well once we have some data
  2. nope , I redownloaded exp.txt and re-edited 250/120 to base and job entries and still not working
  3. Mercurial

    New Race

    wow, I can't wait to try this out
  4. Hello guys, as the title says I set my exp.txt max job level to 120 but when I reach lvl 61 the experience % doesn't increase anymore. Whats weird though is that, if I set my GM Character job level 62 the job exp gain becomes normal again. I just came back from a very long RO server break so I'm really a newbie at the moment. I would really appreicate some help, Thanks! Also 1st and 2nd Job, Trans seems to be working ​Mercurial
  5. File Name: GRF Sharper File Submitter: Mercurial File Submitted: 02 Dec 2015 File Category: Client Resources A very basic GRF editor written in pure C#/.NET Click here to download this file
  6. Version 0.2


    A very basic GRF editor written in pure C#/.NET
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