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  1. do you know how to make it fills up to 5 slots?
  2. function script Option_Acc { mes "blah"; // dispbottom getequipid(EQI_ACC_L) +" "+ getequipid(EQI_ACC_R); next; if ( getequipid(EQI_ACC_L) == -1 && getequipid(EQI_ACC_R) == -1 ) { mes "You don't have Accessory equipped"; close; } .@s = select( getequipid(EQI_ACC_L)? getequipname(EQI_ACC_L) : "", getequipid(EQI_ACC_R)? getequipname(EQI_ACC_R) : "" ) + 6; // dispbottom .@s +""; if ( getequipoption( .@s, 1, IT_OPT_INDEX ) ) { mes "this Accessory has already enchanted with Item Options"; close; } mes "do you want to add +STR to this Accessory?"; next; if ( select( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; setequipoption .@s, 1, VAR_STRAMOUNT, 1; close; } i have this and it only fill Slot 1.
  3. i would like to request a scroll that gives "Item Option" if use. and a scroll that removes the "Item Option" its like flyff Awakening System http://flyff-wiki.webzen.com/wiki/Awakening for more info: (1)make a configuration on what equipment to choose. (2)Scroll of Awake <--- 100% give fix Item Option Stats to Slot 1 and so on... Slot 1 = STR + 3 Slot 2 = EMPTY Slot 3 = EMPTY Slot 4 = EMPTY Slot 5 = EMPTY (3)then if i use scroll of awake again it will fill up Slot 2 and and so on up to Slot 5 and when all slots are filled, then i can no longer use the scroll. Scroll of Revert <--- Choose the specific Item Option Stats that i want to remove. refrence:
  4. @AnnieRurusorry about the last post, this script work perfect and to be more specific. i want this script have an option like this //--------------------------------------------------------------// //other configuration //--------------------------------------------------------------// setarray OptionList, STR, INT, DEX; //Choose what is only here .MaxOption = 5; // here you can make a specific slot number 1 = 1 slot , 2 = 2 slots and so on..... .FixOption = 100; // no min or max just fix.....
  5. iCORE

    Enchanter NPC

    What do i need to change to make it only choose from 3rd slot to 4th slot only prairie,130,89,4 script Enchant Expert 4_PORING,{ mes .npc$; mes "Hello there!"; mes "I can enchant your items,"; mes "for a small fee of "+.pric+"z."; emotion e_no1,0; next; if(select("Yes:No")&2) { mes .npc$; mes "Alright, thanks anyways!"; close; } if(Zeny<.pric) { mes .npc$; mes "I'm sorry you don't have enough Zeny, please come back later."; close; } mes .npc$; mes "Which item would you like to enchant?"; next; while(set(.@a,.@a+1)<=.e_len) { if(getequipid(.@a)>-1) set .@menu$, .@menu$+.eqp$[.@a-1]+"- [^0000FF"+getitemname(getequipid(.@a))+"^000000]:"; else set .@menu$, .@menu$+"^adb4be"+.eqp$[.@a-1]+"- [Empty]^000000:"; } select(.@menu$); set .@eq_loc, @menu; set .@eq_itm, getequipid(.@eq_loc); if(.@eq_itm<0) { mes .npc$; mes "Hmm, I don't think you have anything equipped there."; close; } set .@menu$, ""; set .@a, .en_orb[0]; while((set(.@a,.@a+1)-1)<=.en_orb[1]) if(getiteminfo(.@a-1,2)>-1) if(set(.@c,countitem(.@a-1))) { set .@menu$, .@menu$+getitemname(.@a-1)+" x"+.@c+":"; set .@b,.@b+1; set .@item[.@b], .@a-1; } if(.@menu$=="") { mes .npc$; mes "Hmm, you don't seem to have any enchantment orbs."; close; } mes .npc$; mes "Please, select an enchantment from the menu."; next; select(.@menu$); set .@itm, .@item[@menu]; set .@menu$, ""; set .@a, 0; while((set(.@a,.@a+1))<4) { if(getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,.@a)) set .@menu$, .@menu$+(.@a+1)+.crd_c$[.@a]+" Slot- [^a92435"+getitemname(getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,.@a))+"^000000]:"; else set .@menu$, .@menu$+(.@a+1)+.crd_c$[.@a]+" Slot- [^30ad25Empty^000000]:"; } setarray .@card, getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,0), getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,1), getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,2), getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,3); mes .npc$; mes "Select a slot."; next; set .@men, select(.@menu$); set .@eqrf, getequiprefinerycnt(.@eq_loc); if(getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,@menu)) { mes .npc$; mes "Would you like me to remove this card?"; next; if(select("Yes:No")&2) { mes .npc$; mes "Alright, thanks anyways!"; close; } getitem getequipcardid(.@eq_loc,.@men),1; unequip(.@eq_loc); delitem2 .@eq_itm, 1, 1, .@eqrf, 0, .@card[0], .@card[1], .@card[2], .@card[3]; set .@card[.@men], 0; getitem2 .@eq_itm, 1, 1, .@eqrf, 0, .@card[0], .@card[1], .@card[2], .@card[3]; } if(rand(100)>.perc) { mes .npc$; mes "I'm sorry but I've failed you!"; misceffect 155; emotion e_sob,0; set Zeny,Zeny-.pric; close; } set Zeny,Zeny-.pric; delitem .@itm,1; delitem2 .@eq_itm, 1, 1, .@eqrf, 0, .@card[0], .@card[1], .@card[2], .@card[3]; set .@card[.@men], .@itm; getitem2 .@eq_itm, 1, 1, .@eqrf, 0, .@card[0], .@card[1], .@card[2], .@card[3]; misceffect .efet; emotion e_no1,0; mes .npc$; mes "All done!"; equip .@eq_itm; close; //NPC Constants OnInit: //=-=-=-=-=-=-=Configuration=-=-=-=-=-=-= set .npc$ , "[^0000FFEnchant Expert^000000]"; // NPC Name set .pric , 1000000; // Price set .efet , 154; // Effect Number set .perc , rand(100,100); // Percent setarray .crd_c$, "st", "nd", "rd", "th"; // Count setarray .en_orb, 25600, 25629; // Range of IDs selected for enchanting. setarray .eqp$ , "Upper Headgear", "Armor", "Left Hand", "Right Hand", "Garment", "Shoes", "Accessory1", "Accessory2", "Mid Headgear", "Low Headgear"; set .e_len , getarraysize(.eqp$); //=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Skorm-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= }
  6. how to make a ranking for world boss depending on damage.
  7. i need help in this effect it does not stack up and im using it as a charm bonus2 bHPregenRate, (readparam (bMaxHP/100)*5,1000; it regen 5% of my max hp but when i equip 2 or more same charms the effect does not stack up.
  8. thanks again @AnnieRuru , please add (Random Option, Fixed Option, Replace Option) and still fix to only accessories and str only. and can add upto 5 options.
  9. so this will only work with 190 attack speed and below?
  10. it heals but after a few seconds the regen hp lose Script: <" bonus2 bHPGainRateWhenHit,10000,300; ">
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