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  1. Hi, I need a server setup service.

    Do you have time for this?

  2. I have ordered a patcher design 4 MONTHS AGO and today I still haven't received a fully functional patcher as I requested. Wasting time and money. Skypeid: ragnagfx (I'm 24/7 online, very responsive, Idle in office hours) He is hard to find since he is always busy. I always need to wait for a few days / a few weeks for his response, and most all responses are not helpful and really answered the question. I have asked him about the patcher processes in these 4 months, he told me a few times like these. "I'm sorry, I forgot yours". "I'm sorry, I was so busy". Great service +1 Services Offered - Design and Coding Support 24/7 - Even after finishing the project you can still contact us and we will respond as quick as we can. The patcher I ordered has a Facebook page function. He said I need to find the code by myself. However, before I pay the money, I told him I know nothing about patcher code, he is still afk for my response for now. Great service +1 After I sent the money, I had wait for a month and asked him a few times, he finally sent me the first background image for review. The quality and style were very different with what he showed on this post. Of course, I hadn't accepted it. Then after a period of time, he hadn't found me, and he said he forgot my patcher! Finally, I request him to use a existing background and style as a beginning, and it finally looks "normal". Then I request a logo design, I sent him a demo logo and asked him to make the same one just change the name(my server was ready to launch, so I got no time for the design) He gave a very different logo and I requested a remake again, and he said "We have to finish this project since it took so long" YES! BUT IS THAT MY WORST? I had left a very clear instruction about the design. It took me another month and I still got nothing. Finally, I finished the LOGO BY MYSELF. His response is very SLOW, I always need to wait for his response for a few days / a few weeks to get one answer like a dog begging.
  3. She is the best graphic designer I have ever seen. Fast response in Skype, actually she is always there and response just in a sec. She really cares about how you feel and she got the sense about design. She changed the design very quick but also keep the high quality to meet my requirement. Overall, if everyone wants a high quality, fast delivery, low price, good communication, responsible, nekomimi and elf ears graphic designer, she is the best choice. Highly recommended
  4. Thanks for the info, looks like I'm better to change the dungeon design
  5. Hi all, I want to create a instance for clan only which only clan number can go in without limited before instance timeout. Can anyone teach me how to do the instance creation(for clan only) and the entry?
  6. Thank you Ridley! That F_Rand command did what I need Thanks for the explanation!
  7. To disable #support go folder conf-> channel.conf Just add // in front of the channel you want to disable default_channels: { /* channel_name : channel_messages_color */ main: "Orange" /* Available as #main */ //support: "Blue" /* Available as #support */ //trade: "Red" /* Available as #trade */ //offtopic: "Cyan" /* Available as #offtopic */ /* You may add as many channels as you like */ } About the chat delay and disable #map... I have the same question too /* "map_local_channel" is an instanced channel unique to each map. */ map_local_channel: false map_local_channel_name: "map" map_local_channel_color: "Yellow" map_local_channel_autojoin: false /* Disable autojoin in specific maps through mapflag 'nomapchannelautojoin'. I have set map_local_channel: false but somehow it still active.
  8. Hi, I am working on a seller npc needs 4 different type(string) The NPC can show the .@randType$ in message board if I use mes .@randTypes$ But actually I want it to be a value I can use in script, the console shows sciprt:getarraysie: not a variable Can anyone teach me how to random a string and can use it as a value? prontera,50,50,3 script seller 50,{ set .@randType$,rand(1,2); if(.@randType$ = 1){ set .@randType$, "$@type1"; }else ; set .@randType$, "$@type2"; getitem .@randType$[set(.@i,rand(getarraysize(".@randType$")))], 1; close; OnInit: setarray $@type1,501,502,503,504,505; setarray $@type2,506,507,508,509,511;
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