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  1. SQL DB/LOGIN -> Group_ID: 99
  2. Hello everyone! Anybody knows about KILLEDRID not working properly with Champion monsters of renewal ?It returns an ID from a similar monster. Ex: If we kill Spore Ring Leader, ID: 2646 and try to get KilledRID from this mob, it shows ID: 1014, original Spore ID. I've searched herc forums but found nothing.. Edit: updated herc version and solved.
  3. Want to know too, because the same issue occurs trying to slot option items. When u slot the item, the options disappear...
  4. Found the problem and the fix for it Original Script { Id: 148 Name: "CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET" Script: <" bonus2(bAddRace2, RC_Boss, getequippedoptioninfo(IT_OPT_VALUE)); "> }, Fixed script { Id: 148 Name: "CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET" Script: <" bonus2(bAddRace,RC_Boss, getequippedoptioninfo(IT_OPT_VALUE)); "> }, Dunno if this minor problem can be fixed in the source files of Herc.
  5. After testing some things in my server, ive noticed that item option : "CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET" are not working (?). Its only me having this kinda of issue ?
  6. Updating : ive downloaded another version o full client and skill tree isnt crashing anymore, ty for the infos @4144
  7. ill do this and update , thanks anyways for the help
  8. Im using latest herc version + latest kRO version in a 2018 ragexe version... maybe this is the cause ? edit: also, dunno if zackdreaver its the only translator atm, since Asheraf has removed(?) her translation files from github.
  9. Hello Herc community, im pretty new here. Kinda lurking around and trying to learn how this beatiful game works. I was following the guide of @AnnieRuru on setting up a offline server, but things turned kinda scuffed when ive tried to swap version to Pre-renewal instead of using renewal one. When i try to simply open the skill tree the game crashes. Any soul can help me out ? thanks!
  10. conf\map-server conf\char-server este campo deixe como seria o ip do seu banco de dados.
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