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  1. Herc don't have much content of renewal. Maybe you should ask this in rathena forums.
  2. fiction

    Warp dispel

    if you want to do in specific map, maybe getunits can help. something like... .@count = getunits((BL_PC), .@units, false, "pay_fild01"); for(.@i = 0; .@i < .@count; .@i++) { attachrid(.@units[.@i]); sc_end(SC_END); } But this piece of code need to be trigger by some way, like, Ontimer events, npc talk event, on touch event or whatever things that trigger this. Like.. OnTimer5000: .@count = getunits((BL_PC), .@units, false, "pay_fild01"); for(.@i = 0; .@i < .@count; .@i++) { attachrid(.@units[.@i]); sc_end(SC_END); } stopnpctimer(); initnpctimer(); end; OnInit: initnpctimer(); end; This will remove all the buffs that all players have in pay_fild01 each 5seconds.
  3. fiction

    Warp dispel

    you can use sc_end(SC_ALL)
  4. fiction

    Fake Players

    Most of the server abuse using @afk, maybe you can use this plugin and create multiple accounts and put players in AFK mode. https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/%40afk.c
  5. You need to configure this https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/conf/api/api-server.conf Later, search on your lua files the services, like service_korea, ExternalSettings_kr.lub. Make sure to put your public ip address + the default port of API (7121).
  6. i use setwall to accomplish that are you looking for. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt#L9692C4-L9692C71 something like.. Note: ra_koe is a custom map that i'm using, but use this base as an example. setwall "ra_koe", 52, 32, 6, 2, 0, "Barricade"; // ====================== // Barricade // ====================== monster "ra_koe",47,30, "BARRICADE", 1905, 1, "KoE::OnBarrDead"; monster "ra_koe",48,30, "BARRICADE", 1905, 1, "KoE::OnBarrDead"; monster "ra_koe",51,30, "BARRICADE", 1905, 1, "KoE::OnBarrDead"; monster "ra_koe",52,30, "BARRICADE", 1905, 1, "KoE::OnBarrDead"; OnBarrDead: mapannounce(("ra_koe"), _("[KoE]: A barricade in the South sector has been destroyed!"), bc_map, C_SILVER, FW_NORMAL, 18); if (.BarricadaSur) { end; } if (mobcount("ra_koe", "KoE::OnBarrDead") < 3) { delwall("Barricade"); set .BarricadaSur, 1; mapannounce(("ra_koe"), _("[KoE]: The South access is vulnerable!"), bc_map, C_RED, FW_NORMAL, 18); } end;
  7. seems that the crashes occurs because the emblem db can't be read in Extended.c Try this. Isn't a fix, but at least will not read emblem anymore, cause now we use HTTP version ExtendedBG.c
  8. anyways, currently this plugin it's totally outdated, requires the change against emblems.
  9. uhm, weird, did you compile that plugins right?. If you use the default version you should have some errors.
  10. Do you have ScriptCommands.inc in you plugins folder?. Seems that error is trying to find a mission function
  11. client side System/OngoingQuestInfoList_True.lub (make sure what ongoinquest is reading your client) Server side db/quest_db.conf If you want to display the time, you need to use the setting called "TimeLimit". For example.. { Id: 12317 Name: "Trace of Time Travel" TimeLimit: 82800 },
  12. changing the size of emblem data on sql, will affect gif emblems right?.
  13. Hi @Dastgir due the big update from @4144 the plugin now it's outdated. can you please update this?. i was able to solved some errores, but i'm stucked in this error. As i see, now exist 3 GuildRequestEmblem, i used GuildRequestEmblem1, but don't know if is the correct.
  14. Well was pretty easy than i expected doing a donate with a crypto. I just used binance to make all the transaction. Hope can you continue development this features 4144 :]
  15. Hi, @4144 it's normal that this preview don't works on barter npc shop with items as currency?. Currently only works if the shop have variables as a currency. ¡Greetings!
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