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  1. Good day ! I have some questions regarding Herc ? Im from rA .. Does Herc already implemented the KRO Mass Skill Balance ? Also another Question, does Herc already implemented 4th jobs ?? Thanks ! I hope someone notice my post
  2. Ohh I get it ... Sorry for being such a noob hehe ... Gonna try It later when I come home ..I dont have compiler here at my office ,I think its an SRC file
  3. Hi ! Im trying to make a bindatcmd script for @refresh but has a 5minutes cooldown ... I just wondering why is it always @refresh failed ???? here is my script //=================================== // // @refresh (Remove Stuck Players) // //=================================== - script refresh -1,{ OnInit: set .Minutes,5; bindatcmd "refresh",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnAtcommand"; end; OnAtcommand: if( .DelayTime <= gettimetick(2)) { mes "[@refresh]"; mes "Stuck on NPC or unable to move?"; mes "This command has 5 minute cooldown"; next; mes "[@refresh]"; mes "Use @refresh?"; switch(select("No.:Yes.")) { case 1: close; case 2: atcommand "@refresh"; set .DelayTime,gettimetick(2) + ( .Minutes * 60 ); close; } } else if( .DelayTime > gettimetick(2) ){ set .last,.DelayTime - gettimetick(2); set .@min, .last % (24*60*60) % (60*60) / (60); set .@sec, .last % (24*60*60) % (60*60) % (60); message strcharinfo(0), "Wait for "+.@min+" minutes "+.@sec+" seconds before you can use @refresh again."; end; } }
  4. THANKYOU SIR !!!! Edited: Sir I think its not working ? or is there something wrong like typographical error ??
  5. Guys, I need help on this one why its not working ? hmmm map name announcer .. im new here in herc thankyou - script map_name -1,{ OnInit: setarray .Map$[0], // <mapname>,<Map Nick>, "prontera","Prontera City, The Imperial Capital", "morocc","Morroc Town, The Frontier", "geffen","Geffen, The City of Magic", "payon","Payon Town, The Upland Village", "alberta","Alberta, The Port City", "izlude","Izlude Town, The Satellite City of Prontera", "aldebaran","Al De Baran, The Gate to the New World", "xmas","Lutie, The City of Eternal Christmas", "comodo","Comodo, The City of Fun and Celebrations", "yuno","Juno, The Capital of the Commonwealth and Ancient Lore", "amatsu","Amatsu, The New Land Discovered", "gonryun","Gonryun, The Hermit Land", "umbala","Umbala, The Lost Land", "niflheim","Niffleheim, The Cold Land of Death", "louyang","Louyang, The Fortress of Dragon", "new_1-1","Training Ground", "sec_pri","Valhalla Prison", "jawaii","Jawaii, The Island of Love", "ayothaya","Ayothaya, The Land of Majectic Culture", "einbroch","Einbroch, The Steel City", "lighthalzen","Lighthalzen, The City of Scientific Myths", "einbech","Einbech, The Mining Town", "hugel","Hugel, Between the Icy Moutain and Chilly Blue Sea", "rachel","Rachel, The Capital City of Arunafeltz", "veins","Veins, The Canyon Village", "mid_camp","Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post"; for( set .i,0; .i < getarraysize( .Map$[ .i ] ) - 1; set .i,.i + 2 ) setmapflag .Map$[.i],mf_loadevent; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: for( set .i,0; .i < getarraysize( .Map$[ .i ] ) - 1; set .i,.i + 2 ) if( strcharinfo(3) == .Map$[.i] ) announce ""+.Map$[.i+1]+"",bc_self; end; }
  6. Sorry to bring this thread up again ,, Its the only topic that matched my problem .. I tried this one changing to array_find and loading the manipulation script but still the same ... heres my script - script warp_block -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "warp",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommandWarp",20,99; bindatcmd "recall",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommandRecall",20,99; //setarray .maps_from$[0], "guild_01", "guild_02"; // Maps they cannot warp from. setarray .maps$[0], // Maps they cannot warp to. "gld2_pay", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun01_2", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun01", // GLD DUNGEON "gld2_ald", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun02_2", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun02", // GLD DUNGEON "gld2_prt", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun03_2", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun03", // GLD DUNGEON "gld2_gef", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun04_2", // GLD DUNGEON "gld_dun04", // GLD DUNGEON "schg_dun01", // GLD DUNGEON "teg_dun01", // GLD DUNGEON "teg_dun02", // GLD DUNGEON "odin_tem01", "odin_tem02", "rachel", "lighthalzen", "lhz_dun01", "lhz_dun02", "lhz_dun03", "hugel", "veins", "ve_fild01", "ve_fild02", "ve_fild03", "thor_v01", "thor_v02", "thor_v03", "moc_pryd06", "ra_fild02", "ra_fild03", "ra_fild04", "lou_dun03", "prt_maze03", "bra_dun02", "splendide", "manuk", "man_fild02", "dic_fild01", "dic_fild02", "spl_fild01", "spl_fild02", "spl_fild03", "moc_fild22", "moc_fild21", "gl_chyard", "abyss_03", "gef_dun02", "treasure02", "pay_fild11", "gon_dun03", "abbey02", "abbey03", "xmas_fild01", "ra_san05", "prt_sewb4", "mosk_dun03", "ama_dun03", "kh_dun02", "xmas_dun02", "ice_dun03", "ice_dun02", "ice_dun01", "ayo_dun02", "niflheim", "anthell02", "mjolnir_04", "pay_dun04", "2@nyd", "moc_prydn2", "gef_fild02", "gef_fild14", "gef_fild10", "moc_pryd04", "in_sphinx5", "moc_fild17", "ein_dun02", "einbroch", "beach_dun", "thana_boss", "tur_dun04", "jupe_core", "nameless_n", "1@tower", "2@tower", "3@tower", "4@tower", "5@tower", "6@tower", "payon"; end; OnAtcommandWarp: if (getgmlevel() == 99 ) goto Bypass_Script_Warp; if(array_find(.maps$[0], strcharinfo(3))>-1) { message strcharinfo(0), "You can't open use warp here!"; end; } else if (inarray(.maps$[0], .@atcmd_parameters$)>-1) { message strcharinfo(0), "You can't warp to that map!"; end; } Bypass_Script_Warp: if(.@atcmd_numparameters) atcommand "@warp "+ implode(.@atcmd_parameters$, " "); else atcommand "@warp"; end; OnAtcommandRecall: if(inarray(.maps$[0], strcharinfo(3))>-1) { message strcharinfo(0), "You can't use recall here!"; end; } if(.@atcmd_numparameters) atcommand "@recall "+ implode(.@atcmd_parameters$, " "); else atcommand "@recall"; end; }
  7. Hi! recently I asked for a help from a rathena dev to make an NPC that will require players donation to activate ,,, Its working on Hercules ,however, when the event is running ,after the server restart the rates of server is returning to its original rate and the announcement on login turns into 'Base exp: 0x Job exp: 0x' heres my script .. Thanks !
  8. Hi is there someone who can help me here ? on how to add my server updates with link and image like on the image below ..its from ragnarok official ... I think it has no notice box coz I cant see any scroll bar here ... I appreciate your help thanks
  9. Hi ! I just changed my cash shop currency into item 7179 ,,Instead of asking me to buy it using #CASHPOINTS I made it able to buy using item (credits to @anacondaq).. The Question is how will I change these ? 1. FREE CASH POINTS must read my PROOF OF DONATION or item 7179 from inventory not my cashpoints 2. Change "C" into "PODS" Please help .. I dont know how msgstringtable works there are codes like %s %d etc . thankyou !
  10. Im trying to find answers from google but I think only ro devs are capable on changing it heh heh
  11. Hi good day, these past few days I tried playing on official server the Yggdrasil ..Then I noticed that they are using 2018 client if Im not mistaken coz I saw theDaily attendance and the UI .but Im just curious on how they make their 2018 client have a 2010 char select and char create ? Can annyone teach me how to do that?thankyou
  12. Good day, I know asking for old RO is kinda weird because many prefered latest, I just want to explore since I didnt tried to create classic one ..I just want to ask if old clients are compatible with latest svn server files ? can I request for old clients I mean full clients not just ragexe or sakexe but with files like data files or system files ? thankyou stay safe fellas.
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