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  1. So as far pre renewal is concern. herc is the way to go right.
  2. But we can use the sprites yes? Like idle, sitting, mounts, attacking sprites?
  3. I have the .act and .spr of the moving arch angel garment. While on grf editor and idle tab. Its moving but in game its not. What seems to be the problem.?
  4. thanks my good sir. what are the 255,255,25500 for? do you have info about the synthax?
  5. How to expand my spriterobeid beyond [email protected]? Because whenever is use the values 51 and up. Sprites wont show. IDs from 1 to 50 dont have any problem.
  6. thanks for the input.. im following your tips and currently developing everything on the offline server. maybe ill give myself time and if I can learn everything, i will be the server/developer as well. Cheers*
  7. Dude. Been playing for almost 10 yrs.
  8. Hi new to the scene and want to build my own private server. I have a few questions and would greatly and thankfully appreciate your help. First let me explain my situation and background. Im a Computer Science graduate and will not have any problems learning a new language or programming methods. I will be the server owner and if I can learn everything by myself I will also be the developer as well, but if not I will hire a developer. 1. What are the things I should know as a server owner? I've read some posts that there are cases that the developer will sometimes swindle the server owner for server profits. What are things that I should be aware of with my server? I've done my research that a) I should atleast know how item properties/effects works and their code structure. b) reading some server logs, trade logs, anything more? 2. Does the developer have the full access to my server, specifically sql? because here is where you can change your GM lvl to make use of the @item command. right? (correct me if im wrong) 3. Does the server host have also full access to my server? 4. What are the payments to be made every month? did I miss something? And can you give me a rough estimate for a player of 500 players Server host Website host/forums Gameguard Developer(monthly or one time payment) Advertisements i still have a few technical stuffs but for now these come first.
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