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2021 emulator differences

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For me, Hercules is have a really clean code, although use C language instead of C++, rAthena is more updated and closer to the officials and they are using C++ language, although  I choose Hercules because Hercules still can use 2020++ C;lient with older Renewal Formulas, which I don't like Episode 17++ formulas with script only updated until episode 16.2 Terra Gloria. where the world in game and the formulas did not match, for me it was unbalanced.

Hercules has feature Bartershop work, which is not working at rAthena right now, maybe soon they will add it. In terms of modification, Hercules it's very easy as long you have C language basic.

When you compile in rAthena you will find a lot of warnings appears althought the emulator still run, but it was unstable.

So in simple.
Stability, Cleaner code, Memory Usage, Client feature support, Easy Modifications, and Formula and World match, and Compile Speed Hercules win.
Updates, and Frequent updates, Advanced Modifications (Because rAthena use C++) still rAthena wins.

In terms of source structure It has very similar structure.

So, for me there is pro and cons between this two. But still it came back to your server specification needs.

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Hercules also has the plugin system, which speeds up the process a lot and has several available.


Adding plugin:


Be sure to place the .c  file in the SRC/Plugin folder.


and add the plugin to the  conf/plugins.conf file.

/* --------------- Format ---------------

After you have listed your plugin(s) in "quotations",

you need to put in a comma, to separate the plugins.


plugins_list: [




Any questions send pm.

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Sorry for bumping an old thread.

I'm thinking to make a new private server. Pre, Mid rate 99/70, Trans class, All items are official RMS, Also supported new costumes/headgears if possible.
Which emulator should I choose in 2023? and why?

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@jamesandreww I recommend hercules(or maybe im just biased). Reasons mentioned above still stand true today, though I disagree with rAthena having Advanced Modifications, you can do pretty much anything in C that C++ provides. But rAthena has larger community, so I guess that's one more advantage(or disadvantage) using rAthena emu.

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